$500 to End Dog Fighting!

Isn’t that pretty?

Honestly, I was expecting $100, and I was really happy at $200. When we reached $400 I was astounded and that we got to $499.41, well, I tossed in that extra $.59 to even it out (see, I told you it works like that). So. Wow.

A copy of the information, with all your names and addresses, will be sent to Jorja so she knows who to thank. All of you are amazing and simply can’t be beat for the coolest fan community.

4 thoughts on “$500 to End Dog Fighting!”

    1. The event is tonight (right now!) and I’m here (there?) and I will have crap quality snaps up by morning for you all. And a story to explain how I’m here! Don’t worry, your donations did NOT pay for this!

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