April Showers

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CBS played an interesting run-around, moving CSI to 10pm for one night. Then hey had online promos saying it would be on 10pm for the next week, but changed their minds and never bothered to edit the online promos and just pushed the on-tv ones (which was stupid if you ask me).

On the plus side, they did announce when the finale would air (May 20th), and Michael Ausiello spoiled two things: Jorja’s in the finale, which is two parts, and the finale is a ‘To Be Continued’ episode. DUN DUN DUN!

CSI Episodes


We had a handful of miscellaneous CSI news.

Jorja News

The photogs caught candids of Jorja and Marg at LAX early in the month, and reporter Dayna Roselli told us CSI was filming in Las Vegas the day after. Coincidence? I think not!

JFO News

Reaching out to some of the actors in 3 Weeks to Daytona got us a short Q&A with Alicia Dupuis (who, alas, did not get to act with Jorja or Rip Torn!).

Also, the ability to subscribe to comments via email has been enabled. The catch? You have to be posting a comment. The way I see it, you don’t care about comments unless you’re looking for replies, so from now on, when you post a comment, you get the ability to check the little tick box below to “Notify [you] via email when new comments are added to this post!” Magic!

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In case you missed it, I’ve shortened URLs here! They used to be https://jorjafox.net/blog/year/month/day/postname which is a bit long! Now they’re https://jorjafox.net/blog/postname – DONE. After all, the year/month/day is there on the post!


The forums, after months of … nothing are temporarily closed, pending a clean-up and refit. In the meantime, I’ve got this Community thing going on. Social networking is all the rage but all that really means is it’s easier for you guys to talk to each other! If you have an account here, you can post notes to people on their activity ‘walls’, similar to that FaceyBooky thing. You can fill out your profile to show your website. You can PM people. And you can get email notifications when all that happens. Don’t want the emails? You can turn off notifications. Go check it out and use (or not) as you see fit. That said, there are these things called ‘groups‘ where you can make a group (public, private or super secret hidden) and talk about things you like. I made a couple groups that anyone can join but right now, the only person who can make news ones is … me. Do you think we should keep it that way, or should I let anyone who makes an ID here be able to make a group? Of course I would retain the right to delete any obvious spam groups.

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