CSI 10×12: Long Ball (Promo Video)

Next week, January 21st, is a new episode of CSI, with your favorite and mine, Jorja Fox as Sara Sidle. “Long Ball” is about golf, not baseball.


The CSI team delves into the world of professional golf when the body of a legendary player is discovered during a high-profile tournament.

Promo Video

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2 thoughts on “CSI 10×12: Long Ball (Promo Video)”

  1. In episode 1, this season, when Sara was giving Catherine the pep talk she used a lot of baseball metaphores. Which was pretty funny especially when she explained “apparently part of being married involves taking an interest in you spouse’s interest.” (to paraphrase) I’ve seen photo’s of William Petersen golfing and from what I’ve read he and George Eads are golf buddies. I would love it if, while investigating the crime, Sara tells Catherine of Grissom’s abortive attempt to teach her how to golf. Spouse who are passionate about golf, if they wish to remain married, should never try and teach their wives or husbands how to golf. A few of my friends have tried most have failed but luckly none have divorced for that reason.

  2. I, too, appreciated the baseball metaphor. If Sara gives baseball a chance, she would see that there similarities to CHESS (which she is excellent at).

    Golf can be self challenging, relaxing and an enjoyable game played in the right company.

    The upcoming episode sounds like fun!

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