CSI 10×12 “Long Ball” Jan 21st – Discussion Post (Updated)

“Looks like murder” to me too, Sara. Sara hits the links for tonight’s episode of CSI. Discuss the episode here. Spoilers will happen.

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The CSI team delves into the world of professional golf when the body of a legendary player is discovered during a high-profile tournament.

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Well, it’s an episode that didn’t make golf any more or less interesting to me, but there were a few, select, Sara scenes, and a tiny tidbit of Grissom. So three stars (out of five) and an amusing hour.

Sanders: Sometimes I wonder if you two are really married.
Sidle: Well … Now that you mention it … Just kidding!
Sanders: Hah. 6000 miles?
Sidle: *grinning* So far, so good.

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20 thoughts on “CSI 10×12 “Long Ball” Jan 21st – Discussion Post (Updated)”

  1. Just finished watch Long Ball, a very interesting case with lots of humour. Jorja is in it but isn’t the lead investigator but she does get to mock Nick a lot and has some very funny lines like comparing snowflakes to golf ball no two alike. She does have a sort of Grissom conversation with Greg. He make a comment about sort of not believing their married and living so far apart, but she she says they’re making it work. Funny after watching this show for 10 year minus the time Jorja was away, it seems weird to me that Sara is happy and can be light hearted and funny around the rest of the crew. I like that she’s less moody but then again Hannah West hasn’t shown up yet.

  2. Recap

    I really liked that episode. I mean, it was witty, it was entertaining, and Happy Sara is just … I LIKE Happy Sara. I didn’t realize how much fun she’d be. I mean, it was old school giving-Greg-grief, teasing him like that. Only now there wasn’t that tinge of sadness behind it all.

    Three stars 🙂

    And more Sara next ep!

  3. Loved the episode because I was a warm fuzzy feeling inside. Of course, all the Sara scenes were the best even if she was only in a couple of them. I actually laughed out loud when Sara was mocking Nick with the snowflake comment. Greg and Sara are just too precious. Plus a Grissom mention… ::melting::

  4. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! I missed it!! Had to do some stupid crap for school! Stupid Med is going to suck the life out of me! DARN!! Please, somebody upload clips of Sara’s scenes, pleeeeeeeaaaaase!! I am officially begging! I WANT to see happy Sara! Sounds like such a breath of fresh air! And I’m in Med school, so I NEED air! Somebody?!

  5. Loved this Epi 🙂 I love seeing happy sara. She’s got her man, her career, and her freinds whats not to like!!!

    Great Job CSI!!!! Happy Sara = Happy fans!

    keeping the faith!
    Poppie x x x.

  6. It was a great eppy, loved it! And Sara was so happy, I love her smile, she has such a beautiful smile. She looked so cute when she told Greg that she was just kidding.

  7. I agree. Seeing Sara so happy, seeing that gorgeous Jorja smile and hearing her funny giggles, it was worth the wait. Finally Sara teasing Nick and Greg. Finally GSR. The rest of the episode? Not so much. Pretty dumb. But I’m happy.


  8. lol my fave
    “awww just like snowflakes” lol 😆
    and the GSR talk. Sara/Jorja was sooo funy in that episode 💡

  9. I just saw the episode with Catherine and Sara investigate the death of a clown.
    The boss of the clown was explaining why each clown had his own code, he said: clown faces are unique just like snowflakes.

  10. Agreed…GREAT EPISODE!!!
    Sara seems happy; hope Grissom has something to do with that and that they say eash other over the holidays! I don’t know why she returned to a job that caused her so much grief unless it is to leave in the future on her terms. SARA & GRISSOM ARE STILL MY FAVORITE CHARACTERS!!!

  11. jajaja i just saw it and i loved it
    Sara is happy and funny
    i loved when she said just kidding jajaj
    i hope she stays like tht for some time 😉

  12. I agree with Poppy-lee. In the UK we have only just seen the second episode over here where Sara was very much her professional self. In Family Affair she really sparkled and I felt she stole that show. Delighted Sara/Jorja is back on CSI. Like others would like to see Grissom again but to see Sara happy will be so great.

  13. Ok! Guys in the Uk you are luky tomorrow they are starting with the new eps again here in the Netherlands and it wil be 9.20. Life overhere sooooo sucks.

  14. Yay! I love the clips with Sara! Sadly I missed the episode, but lately I’ve only been watching them because of her and from the other comments on here, it seems like she had the best scenes anyway. I’m just loving Sara in this season. She’s actually happy and bubbly all of the time! It’s so nice to see. The poor thing has had so much drama since season 1, it’s nice to see her calm, happy, and relaxed. I’m sure Jorja’s loving the more positive, zen Sara. Plus, being a GSR fan, I was thrilled that there was a mention of Grissom! We hadn’t heard about him in so long, I was afraid Paris had eaten him up!

  15. I agree with Melody. I even noticed that Greg drove the golf cart and not Sara in this episode. In the past, it seemed like Sara always wanted to be the driver unless she was riding with Grissom. I think that fact was even mentioned a couple of times. It seems like she’s finally able to let people take care of her.

    1. Sara does have a tendency to be driving.

      In season two it was noted in And Then There Were None : If Sara is with Grissom or Catherine, they drive – if she’s with anyone else, she drives.

      And in season 5’s Iced GREG remarks that Sara always drives. See the quotes.

      God bless wiki search 😉

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