CSI 11×11: Man Up (Press Release)

Jorja is still listed as Main Cast here.

The CSIs question the validity of an online picture depicting a murdered call girl until they find the same woman strangled to death in the dumpster that appears in the photo.

Oh and Carrot Top is in this episode. I’m really sorry about that.

Source: CBS Press Express

7 thoughts on “CSI 11×11: Man Up (Press Release)”

  1. Carrot Top, the reason why Plastic Surgury should be regulated. He’s a funny guy but come on the eyebrows alone would scare small children.

    Inspite of him I’ll watch; the plot sounds interesting.

    1. The funny thing to me is back in the 80s … he was kind of funny. I saw him on Star Search (yes… I did) and he was entertaining, had a sense of humor about himself. Then he beefed up and became a freak who made YOU the joke. I no longer found him entertaining.

  2. He reminds me of that doll, Chuckie! 😀 I can’t help but wonder what part he’ll play if it’s not the sicko! 😉

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