‘CSI’ Girl Crush

Marg Helgenberger and Jorja Fox, stars of CBS’ long-time hit show “CSI,” sat down with “Extra’s” Terri Seymour and dished on their celebrity crushes. Hear which stars really set these ladies off!

Trivia tidbit – Jorja likes Lost and finds Naveen Andrews to be sexy.

Credit: Extra TV

10 thoughts on “‘CSI’ Girl Crush”

  1. This is cute! These two have good chemistry with each other. Do you know where we can see the rest of the interview? It looks like there was more

  2. why is this titled “Girl Crush?” I thought it was going to be talking about crushes on girls lol. I hope there is a longer version of this out there somewhere soon!

  3. Thanks for the clip. Is this an excerpt from a longer interview?…. Both ladies look awesome.. 😛

  4. I was hoping she, Jorja, would have said Guy Pearson(?). He’s the actor she worked with in Memento. Also, I wanted Marg to say Kevin Costner or Dennis Quaid. Actors that they’ve worked with before and have a history with (I want to use the word repore but I know that’s not the correct spelling and I’m to lazy to get the dictionary to find the correct spelling.)

  5. I’ve no idea if there’s a longer clip, this is the only bit I’ve seen. We’re at the whims of Extra TV. I suspect it’s part of a discarded interview (they don’t use everything they tape).

    ALS, it’s Guy Pearce 😉

  6. hrm… to me having a “dream guest star” to me doesn’t necessarily indicate having a “crush”… but great seeing Jorja, nonetheless! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  7. when was it on tv I must have missed it . Can anybody tell me what they talk abt ? I would like to know what they talk abt. coz I cant hear what they are talking abot above,

    Thanks 🙂

    1. It never aired on TV, as far as anyone can tell.

      They’re just being asked who their celeb crushes are and the in-set photos tell you who they are.

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