CSI’s Electronic Press Kit

EPK, by the way, means Electronic Press Kit. Massive props to Margamania for the clip. The press kit is basically a way to pimp CSI to various markets. They used to just put up pictures, but back in 1999, CBS put out DVDs with all their shows. This is the latest in the line of selling CSI, at the venerable age of 10.

Jorja’s still a mite fascinated by LOST, but alas, it’s pretty much done filming, so I doubt she’ll get her wish of being on the show.

The full video is rather long (11 minutes) and I’m not going to post the whole thing. But if you ever wondered if Jorja loves the fans, yes. She does.

Updated: Okay I didn’t post the video on JFO. I did it on YouTube.

Part 1

Part 2


10 thoughts on “CSI’s Electronic Press Kit”

  1. Hey thanks for posting this, I really enjoyed reading it. It looks like they are interviewing the whole bunch of them, this one looks similar to the Billy one on WPAP and Marg’s on Maragmania. I know you aren’t posting the full vid but is there anywhere we can access it if we want to download it?

  2. Thanks you for posting the clip,transcript…I dont know if is the makeup or what,but Jorja looks more beautiful than usual.

  3. By popular demand, and a way around the legal ramifications of hosting it on MY site, it’s up on YouTube. Which means it’s there until CBS gets shirty and takes it down.

    Dear CBS: It’s only there as free advertising for you!

    Part 1

    Part 2

  4. flowerchild 77

    Thank you so much for posting those links, i was searching last night on you tube for it and couldn’t find it!
    Jorja looks beautiful! Can’t wait until thursday! 😆

    1. I didn’t post them till this morning 🙂

      I have an ongoing ethical wacky with videos. On the ones hand, I know that I’m using them as much ‘fair use’ as the photos. On the other, I know that if legal asks me to remove photos, news articles and what not, I’m obligated to do so promptly. So the line between ‘Dude, this is just for fans to enjoy! I don’t profit!’ and ‘This is totally NOT my work and is, therefore, illegal’ is wafer thin.

  5. Thanks for posting the video! WOW Jorja is so awesome honest and down to earth this is why I love her so much.

  6. Just want to say FANTASTIC!!! Great interview, very informative. Jorja Fox if the best.


  7. Thank you so much Ipstenu for providing us with the above videos. They were all terrific to watch. I always enjoy Jorja’s interviews. And these are no exception. She is and has always been so articulate in her answers and uses great nonverbal communication to put her point across. I can tell she would have just loved being in a episode of Lost. 😆 Jorja looks absolutely great in the video.

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