February in Review

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Thanks to the Olympics (which I love!), February sort of sucks for CSI news, when you get down to it, since there’s not much CSI (basketball). Extra TV sat down with Jorja and Marg and asked who their Celebrity Crushes were (hint: Jorja likes Lost). Matt Roush explained why Sara came back to Las Vegas (hint: it was ratings). And Singapore’s The Electric New Paper rejoiced in season 10’s airing on AXN (and pointed out, again, that Jorja would like to be on Lost). TODAYonline chatted to Jorja about coming back to CSI (and accidentally called her ‘Sara’ – See? It’s not just you!).

CSI Episode

Jorja News

An old (2007) article was unearthed! The AADA journal interviewed Jorja and we’ve got it covered.

Skin Trade (which Jorja is in) aired February 27th at Portland State University.

Jorja was in attendance at the Fifth Annual Spotlight Humane: Chicago, and we have pictures and a video from that. Also, all February donations to JFO were donated to the cause, which racked up $500. And I gave the name of every one of you who donated to Jorja.

JFO News

JFO meets Jorja

So … yeah, there was that thing that I totally sat on and didn’t tell you guys about until after it happened. Except for the part where I tweeted a bit of it from the event. I suspect some people are mad I didn’t say anything before hand. For what it’s worth, I barely even told my family! I alluded to a ‘cocktail party’ I was invited to, and how I was really flattered about it all, but the long and short was that these things may not happen, or they may totally happen, and I didn’t want to jinx it. There you are, then.

I posted quite a bit in *ahem* squeeling fangirl detail on my personal blog.

Site Updates

I did some subtle changes to the Gallery (and was reminded of why you make a backup BEFORE doing that). The end result is now any album with new images has a little “New!” marker. Which images are new? Well, that’s not available right now, so you’ll have to look at the whole album. The reason is that when I add 100 new images for a CSI episode, all of them would be marked ‘new’, which you already knew so why bother.

The whole site was upgraded to WP 3.0, which means I can maintain everything through one admin section, and not two (which is nice for me, you probably don’t care). But if links went weird for a while, that’s why. I tried to fix it all, and I hope I did.

Comment on the Videos

Early in the month, JFO TV had comments turned on. Thanks to WordPress (3.0) I have merged the two blogs and run them off the same DB. Which means I could turn on comments for people, without everyone having to deal with multiple logins and what not. And if you don’t have an ID? Don’t worry, you can still comment here and there. Everyone’s first post is moderated, but after that, enjoy!

In March …

It was a long time, but the next episode of CSI will be next week, so come back then for more screencaps and recaps!

5 thoughts on “February in Review”

  1. Iptsenu (pretty sure I mispelled it!) DESERVES to meet Jorja! He/She knows more about her than I think even she does!!

    1. Ipstenu and she 😉 Thank you very much (and I’m sure I know less about Jorja that she knows about herself, but perhaps I have more of her career highlights in my head).

  2. Humility is a beautiful thing! You know a ton! And I can’t believe you met her! I. Am. So. JEA-LOUS!! I’ve SEEN her, but only form a distance.. And I was having the hysterics the whole time! She’s genius! And she DOES try to save the world! (Sry bout the misspell!)

  3. ok, so I just actually saw the post and.. Holy crapness!! You ALSO met Billy Petersen! Dang! (I know I should say William, cause it’s not like I’m friends with him *psst!* but I can’t help it — Billy fits him best, I think!) You ARE humble, and your work with this site (cause Jorja’s has never honored me by working on my iPhone!) and I just don’t know how you keep it up! Congrats on the endorsements, since I can only imagine what the maintenance costs! You are AMAZING truly and kick major ass! You totally, absolutely, completely, utterly, 150 thousand % deserve it! And I got bout a trizillion ppl to back me up on that! Glad to hear you enjoyed yourself and I believe you did well in not saying a beep till you were there for sure! You are my idol! Srsly, you ROCK! We’re all thrilled for you and beg you to invite a bunch of us to tag along next time =P

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