Help Put Dusty Springfield on Broadway

Kirsten Holly Smith is asking for YOUR HELP! She wants to put “Forever Dusty” on Off-Broadway, but there’s a catch. See, to get on off-Broadway, you need backers. It takes a lot of money after all. And to get backers, you have to show them what you’ve got.

Oh, she said it best:

To put the show up in New York we need investors — and to attract investors we need to show them what they’re investing in. That is, a small-scale staging of the show called a “backers audition.” We’ve scheduled our backers audition for early December and several potential investors have already committed to attend. I’m asking for your help to defray the costs of staging this “audition.” Space needs to be rented, actors need to paid a stipend, musicians need their fees. Plus we need microphones, amps, some basic costumes — and a stage manager to handle the details so I can focus on giving my best performance!

That means by December 1st, she needs to raise $2800. Go to Forever Dusty: The Dusty Springfield Musical page on KickStarter and chip in a buck to ten to a thousand! You’ll have to use payments (sorry). The money won’t be charged unless they raise everything.

10 thoughts on “Help Put Dusty Springfield on Broadway”

  1. I’m hoping that daydreamer chipped in a few *bucks* not a few *bugs* though perhaps she was channeling Grissom. 🙂

      1. Guys, are you mocking me?! Come on! 😈 I try very hard to understand the american english. And sometimes, my fingers are faster than my brain is….btw/ what does is it mean “channeling Grissom”? See, now you have to teach me 🙄
        Maybe i should post something in “Bärndütsch” on day 👿 That’s my native language 😀

  2. Just teasing Daydreamer! Plenty of my own typos on here and English is my first language! By the way, “channeling Grissom” is kind of like saying allowing the spirit of Grissom to speak through you. In other words, since Grissom is an entomologist (scientist who studies insects), he might have liked the idea of paying for something with bugs (technically a type of insect). So, if you *had* paid with bugs, you would have been acting as if you were Grissom.

    Hope this helps. 🙂 And it was so nice of you to contribute!

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