How I Became An Elephant

December is the month for things Jorja produces. Like a movie called “How I Became An Elephant”, which is about a plan to help prevent elephants from becoming extinct in the wild. We only have about 15 years left, at the current rate elephants are being killed for their ivory. You can read up on all the details at, where they have a blog and email list. They also have a nascent Twitter account @HIBAELEPHANT and some video clips.

I will warn you. You will probably cry a little when you watch this.

Join The Stampede.

Directed by Tim Gorski & Synthian Sharp / Rattle The Cage Productions
Produced by Jorja Fox

Premiering Dec. 4th 2010 at the Artivist Film Festival in Los Angeles:

Join the Elephant Liberation Front:

13 thoughts on “How I Became An Elephant”

  1. What a great video and, yes, it did bring a tear to my eyes. I never took my son to the circus because of the stories I had heard about how the animals were treated and now I’m glad. He hasn’t taken his sons either.

    Thank you Jorja for caring about these great animals!

    1. The 14 yr old was so brave too. The whole movie was so powerful, thanks for bringing this important facts in the open Jorja, Juliette West and Lek Chailert!

  2. It was dreadful to see those majestic creatures treated so badly. Those elephants that we saw on the video are Asian elephants not African. In places such as Thailand and India there was a glut of trained elephants because logging was stopped due to project tiger.So what would you have them do shot them. I don’t like to see animals treated badly and one or two places outside Bangkok were reported by tourist and one was closed down but what happen to the elephants I do not know. As for the place in Chang Mi where elephants were giving rides to tourist believe me that is excellent compared to some I’ve seen. They are in a cool area in the heat of the day and tongs are only use on older elephant because the poor creatures ears will not respond to the touch of a hand which they use on elephants that are born there. Elephants eat a lot and they might starve if tourist do not pay.As for Circus never been and would never go. The elephants who attack are usually males on must.They do have a mahout training school in India now so they are trying.If you want real cruelty in Asia I would look a bears.

  3. I cried. They are such beautiful animals. I just can’t understand how people could treat them badly. How could someone see the pain and sadness in the eyes of any living creature and still hurt it?

  4. We have been to Thailand three times (once independently) and India twice and we are going on Safari there next year. In Thailand many of the elephant tourist places are owned by businessmen who deal directly with the travel companies.I rang my travel company and asked about the elephant rain forest camp in Chang Mai and so did a few of my friends. The company has promised to look into it. I was last there in 2007/8.
    I do hope Jorja Fox remains committed to helping Billy in LA zoo. I would love to see that come to fruition and I wish her well in her endeavour’s in this.

    1. Looks like that photo is from 2008 Woodstock Film Festival… maybe… Damn, Tim wears that outfit a LOT. Get new shirts! 😉

  5. 🙂 Sorry, sorry but I don’t think so. The T-shirt, the necklace, and the hairdress of Jorja — it is Episode 11х07 “Bump and Grind”. I assume, it is the set 11х07, the scene in Julius Kaplan’s house.

  6. 😀 Thanks. I assume, that photo of Jorja together with Petersen and the girl it is most likely the Season 5 (proceeding from Petersen’s frames and beard).

    1. Yeah, WPAP and I are trying to sort out who that is 😉 I don’t like to reproduce images without crediting sources (and without knowing where to … file it). I hate a bunch of ‘Miscellaneous’ images!

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