Lion Pictures, Bad Movies

This is really just a collective media post of things I’ve uploaded recently.

ADI Lion Rescue

adi-008 adi-007 adi-009

ADI Lion Rescue at the JFO Gallery.

The Jerky Boys

Jorja only gets one scene in the movie. I wouldn’t suggest buying it, even for her.

The Jerky Boys: The Movie at JFO TV.

14 thoughts on “Lion Pictures, Bad Movies”

  1. She had 2 scenes in the movie (under 1 min I think), but I actually enjoyed the movie, it was pretty funny IMO. I consider it a good bad movie.

    1. You’re right, there is another scene. I’d blocked it out!

      And a ‘good bad movie’ is exactly how I classify this one as well. But not one I’d watch for fun (like I will watch Velocity Trap when it’s on SyFy).

      1. It’s all a matter of taste. The one movie (from the ones I’ve seen so far) I could barely watch was Happy Hell Night. But that’s me.

  2. Woulda been nice if she’d had a line, ya’ know?

    “And where the hell does he get off calling me ‘fruity ass’!”

    Geez. Who WROTE that? Made me laugh though.

  3. Any word on when Jorja’s most recent movie will be released?-it was the one regarding cars. Those shoes were pretty much sadistic clogs it looked like. Hope Jorja wasn’t asked to walk in those things. 😀

    1. Well she’s a Young Lady in this movie so … 😉

      The car movie is “3 Weeks to Daytona” (or Rockingham) and it’s in post production. I’m waiting to hear back from the company.

  4. I wonder if those shoes inspired the anti-high heels sppech Sara gave Greg in the “Swap Meet” episode? 😉

    Jorja has beautiful legs which we seldom see on “CSI”.

    Oh, I also own “Jerky Boys”. 😀

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