Marlee Matlin cast for “The Two Mrs. Grissoms”

Updated to point out I’m totally NOT wrong. confirmed by EW

God bless Twitter. @MarleeMatlin tweeted that she’ll be on “CSI”. Her episode airs February 3rd, which means that’s got to be “The Two Mrs. Grissoms” … Which means she’s most likely playing Grissom’s ex. She said she’s filming with Phyllis Freilich, who was born in 1944, so it’s most likely she’s Grissom’s mother (Billy was born in 1953, so she’s … older).

Now please note, I could be wrong about this, but logically they just cast two deaf actresses (two of the best known deaf actresses in the bloody world, by the way, next to Linda the Librarian from Sesame Street) for an ‘unnamed’ episode. Due to air in February. And we know that there are at least two deaf actresses needed for an episode about Grissom’s deaf mother. So I think we’re pretty safe here in saying Marlee will play Grissom’s ex.

Here are her tweets. Read them from the bottom up:

Happy Hannukah to me, apparently, from the SWDJB, as I was wishing she could possibly be cast as the ex.

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  1. That’s the weirdest thing; someone on JAA just told me that they wished Phyllis Freilich would play Grissom’s mom! I hoped Marlee Matlin would be included in the episode in some way or form, and this sounds perfect.

    Looking forward to it even more now ๐Ÿ˜Ž

    1. I was wishing for Marlee from day one, but didn’t think they’d get her. Now my house’ll be all torn. Who do we root for!? Sara or the Ex!?

      1. Oh me too! As soon as I read the summary for this episode I got so excited about the possibility of Marlee Matlin AND Jorja on screen at the same time. I’m thrilled about it ๐Ÿ™‚

        Both, of course! ๐Ÿ‘ฟ

  2. Marlee Matlin was in ER like Jorja, she is one impressive lady, having just briefly read her biography. Can’t wait to see the episode now! Bring it on

  3. Whoa! I’m thrilled about it! my predictions on the casting of Marlee Matlin and Phyllis Frelich to be on csi right on the spot, its like my dream came true that Marlee would be on my favorite show! I’m so happy, I can’t get over it. Yeah I’d rooting for Sara to kick that ex’s ass! I’m so happy to see two of my favorite actresses to be in it! Gosh I can’t wait to see that episode! will the Feb 3 airdate gets here if I had the magical wand to accio it. ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. Accio? u wouldnt happen 2 be a harry potter fan would u lol cuz if u are u arent the only one who likes hp and Sara….lol

      Cant wait till this episode sounds like a winner!!!!!

      Go sara kick some ass!!!!

      1. LOL! Yes I happen to be big harry potter fan beside Sara Sidle fan ๐Ÿ˜†

        I can’t wait to see that episode, I can’t get over it, so I texted my class of 2002 classmate of mine, I told her that there is two deaf actresses going to be on CSI in upcoming feburary episode, she said who?! I told her its Marlee Matlin and Phyllis Frelich and she said cool! about few hrs ago.

        Psst! Caitlin I haven’t seen the last two harry potter which was half-blood prince and final harry potter movie part I yet, I have the half-blood prince dvd on my desk I still need to get myself to watch that one then off to see the movie I heard there was lots of good reviews on the final Hp part I movie.

  4. Phyllis Frelich was in a made for TV movie, years ago, about a deaf couple raisingg their hearing daughter in the 30’s and 40’s. It was a great show. Now that we know the player I love details about the episode. My imagination is going into over drive.

    My theory:
    The ex kills someone in the deaf community when she finds out that person was going to have surgury to restore his/her hearing and tries to cover it up by causing an explosion killing an innocent bystander.

  5. I don’t think that’s bad. I think that shows that you know how to find information! As a website runner, I think you should feel proud! ๐Ÿ’ก

  6. Great casting all around. I can’t wait for this episode. I wonder if there is any chance they will get the old school director back? She certainly didn’t like Sara. lol. Sometimes old familiar characters have a way of showing up. I don’t remember her name, but I haven’t seen her in anything since Sue Thomas FBI.
    Either way, this should be good!

  7. As the lady playing Grissom’s mum is only two years older than me and she is sixty six in real life and Grissom is about fifty seven I feel really old this morning!! ๐Ÿ™ Bet they’ll need a lot of make up, I’ve never seen a photo of this lady.
    Do you think Billy had a say in all this? Should be a great episode though. The lady in Sounds of Silence was Deanne Bray I’m not sure if she is still acting though and no I don’t spend all day Googleing people, just a CSI addict.

      1. Replying to myself to add … @annasophia78 pointed out that Marlee mentions filming for TWO weeks. Normally episodes only take 7 days to film. Either this one is logistically more complicated or … could it be two parts?

      2. Maybe TPTB needed the extra time due to 2 guest stars needing extra time to sign their dialogue and shoot their scenes. Or, in my fantasy, they needed the extra time because WP wasn’t avialable till the week after. Like I said fanatsy.

  8. Some random thoughts…

    I felt Grissom made it very clear that Sara (and Warrick) weren’t intolerant of deaf people in “Sound of Silence”, and it was just a case of ignorance. Well, and a bit of “Sara doesn’t like ANY woman hitting on Grissom.” So if we’re going to delve into speculation of why Momma Gris doesn’t like Sara, the likely suspects are:

    1) Sara bailed on Grissom (Goodbye and Good Luck), leaving him horribly bereft (Leave Out All the Rest).
    2) Sara was why Grissom left the US (One to Go)
    3) Sara and Grissom live apart (season 10 and 11)
    4) Sara’s not deaf and, thus, can’t be a part of their culture

    After that we hit rampant spec land with:
    5) Sara’s mother is insane
    6) Grissom never mentioned he was married

    I kinda want a phone call with Sara bitching to Grissom in the episode. “Gilbert! You need to TALK TO YOUR MOTHER! Call me back later, love you.”

  9. yep i gotta agree with your ideas too Ipstenu, but had to laugh at 5 & 6 thories

    Perhaps Sara’s age is an issue to for Mommy Grissom?

    Or the fact she actually knows very little about Sara, or her past

    Yes i want Sara to rip Grissom a new one via cell phone too, even if it’s only a voice mail to him, that he then replies to by E-mail lmao

  10. Yeah, now CBS is getting in on it.


    CSI News: Can Sara win over her mother-in-law, Mrs.Grissom(Phyllis Frelich), or will Grissomโ€™s ex(Marlee Matlin)stay her fav? C next year!

  11. NO WONDER Mrs. Grissom likes Gil’s ex better than Sara; Sara isn’t deaf.

    BTW Phyllis Frelich won a Tony Award as Best Actress in a Drama for “Children of a Lesser God” and Marlee won the Oscar for that same role in the movie version of the play. Cool, eh????

    And Phyllis portrayed a Holocaust survivor who recognized a former warden at a POW camp in an episode of “Sue Thomas, F.B.Eye” that starred Deanne Bray AKA the dean for the school for the deaf in “Sounds of Silence” on “CSI”.

    Six degrees of separation, anyone??? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  12. I guess I Ipstenu’s comments 5 and 6 more seriously because it seems CSI are stretching things a bit because they cannot get William Peterson to do an episode. He knows that his most popular role will always be Grissom.

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