New CSI eps for Singapore (but Jorja would rather be Lost)

The Singapore paper The Electric New Paper tells us we can keep our planes and their banners away from Universal Studios, because on February 24th, CSI is back, and so is Jorja Fox.

The article has the sort of tidbits we’ve come to love from Jorja, like how she’d like to snag the metal cabinets from autopsy when CSI finally ends, or how she’s been telling her manager for years she wants to be on Lost as one of the Others, because she loves the science fiction theme of the show. And if it hadn’t been Grissom and Sara, she would have liked it to be Greg and Sara.

‘It amazes me that the show is played in so many parts of the world like Hong Kong, the Philippines and Singapore.

‘So I got to see myself speak in 20 different languages. I couldn’t believe it. I can barely speak English,’ Fox joked.

You can read the whole article online at The Electric New Paper.

4 thoughts on “New CSI eps for Singapore (but Jorja would rather be Lost)”

  1. This is a charming interview. Jorja seems to be open and funny.I too share her passion for Lost. It’s my other guilty pleasure besides CSI. Love it!

  2. Agree Sarafly.It is one of the reasons she appeals to me because she seems so open and warm in many interveiws.Some top movie stars fall flat at interview as they just appear bored even when they are asked different questions and not the same old stuff.

  3. Nice article: I think Grissom and Sara are better suited; Sara has more life experience than her age reflects, very intelligent, open to learning, qualities Grissom appreciates. Relationships aren’t just about age! Plot wise, it would make more sense if Grissom were in Sam Francisco (having them so far apart is stretching believability a little)
    I hear Lost is a good program, but for we vision impaired, next to impossible to follow!!
    CSI (CBS) does provide Described Video…It’s great!
    I’m glad Miss Fox is on CSI but I hope they fix the plot a little with Grissom!

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