Premiere of “How I Became An Elephant” – Photos (updated)

After having to change the venue to accommodate a beyond-sold-out audience, and watching the changing faces of the people in the room, it has become clear… ELEPHANT, is going to be bigger than we thought. – A lot bigger.

Thank you everyone who’s been able to help them out. I’m sure Jorja is delighted to know that we all care this much!

hibae-02 hibae-01

All photos are credit How I Became an Elephant.

Updated to add:

hibae-03 hibae-04 hibae-05

2 thoughts on “Premiere of “How I Became An Elephant” – Photos (updated)”

  1. The trailer was painful to watch, so I can’t imagine sitting through the whole show. But, if it changes the way people think, then I’m all for it. Congrats, Jorja.

  2. I have seen the trailer and read the press. I think Jorja is smart to tap the young audiences with that Juliete and her passion! Go Jorja!

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