Retro News – The AADA Journal from 2007

The Journal of The American Academy of Dramatic Arts interviewed Jorja (and Eric Szmanda) back in the spring of 2007. I suspect this article got lost in the hubbub of Jorja leaving CSI that year.

My favorite question was this:

How do you play a character that you do not connect to – or do not like?

I don’t. If my heart’s not in it, my work really suffers. It’s obvious when I’m not passionate about what I’m doing, which isn’t fair to my employers or me. I’ve had jobs I haven’t loved to pay the rent but never artistic ones. Bartending, temping, that kind of thing. If I don’t care for the story or the role I don’t take the job.

Check out the article in PDF format at or, if you can’t read the PDF, we have a copy of it on the JorjaPedia: Journal of The American Academy of Dramatic Arts (Spring 2007)

6 thoughts on “Retro News – The AADA Journal from 2007”

    1. No prob 🙂 It was a totally random find, too! I was looking for the name of someone she was co-presenter with at the Creative Arts Emmys in 2002 and found that instead!

  1. I’d read it before because it was posted at Elyse’s CSI back in December of 2007 but thanks for bringing it over here! 😉

    1. Alas, Elyse’s site was eaten by AOL/Geocities so there’s no way to get it back from there 🙂 Resurrection! (And Elyse, I miss you!)

  2. I truly appreciate Jorja’s candor in her answers to questions asked. I like the fact that Jorja would only take roles that she would enjoy partaking in rather than to just take any role for money sake. It shows in her acting and how she portrays her character the way she does.

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