Robert Leeshock on “3 Weeks to Daytona”

Actor, photographer and engineer, Robert Leeshock is probably known best for playing ‘Liam Kincaid’ on the series Gene Roddenberry’s Earth: Final Conflict. He also is in 3 Weeks to Daytona as the rival, and being a photographer, took his camera to the set.

From his blog post:

I play the part of Buddy, a cocky and talented driver, a real poser. Buddy acts as nemesis to fellow driver Chuck Weber, played by Scott Cohen, a down on his luck limo driver, but wannabe Nascar racer who is plagued by the memory of an absent father. The void in Chuck’s life is filled by his pit crew chief, played by Jorja Fox. He also has a son who he desperately tries to impress by finally winning a race after many years of unsuccessful attempts.

I did mention he got a photo of Jorja, right? Right:
Jorja as the crew chief
Credit: Robert Leeshock Photography

Thanks, Robert! Can’t wait to see this!

4 thoughts on “Robert Leeshock on “3 Weeks to Daytona””

  1. So, I’ve pretty much cased this site like a Jehovah’s witness on and off for the last eight years or so, enjoying it anonymously. However, I was moved to post about this particular movie because my dad is such a hardcore NASCAR fan, and we both love Jorja and CSI. Needless to say, we’re stoked.
    Frankly, I’m just glad we’ll be able to watch something ‘Jorja’ together again. We used to watch a month’s worth or so of csi when I’d come home from college every month…until that one time I told him I thought Grissom was particularly hot and dateable, and he changed the channel and told me we could never watch it together again because he would never be able to stop picturing “that.” 🙂 Oh dads.
    Anywho, hurray for Jorja and racecars. This will be fun 🙂

    1. Sara2684, thank you for commenting after 8 years! And it’s cars that made you do it? That so full of awesome!

      I’ve never been a huge car fan (jets, now, those are wicked!), but everything I’ve seen about this movie makes me want to see it more and more. I mean, come on, RIP TORN is in the movie! Jorja fixes a car with a hair pin! What’s not awesome about that!?

      I hope we get a copy out so you and your dad can enjoy it together!

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