“Spotlight: Chicago” Mini Fundraiser

Any and all donations sent to JFO between February 1st and February 25th will be donated to the Humane Society of the United States for Spotlight: Chicago. Jorja will be the host at the event on February 27th (lets hope we get some warmer weather by then!).

On the 26th, I’ll tally up the total (of which I am keeping a running track in the comments) and donate it via the JFO/Paypal credit card, with the names of everyone who donated listed as ‘from’. The note? Will be ‘For Jorja Fox, from her fans at JFO.’

To donate, please click on the paypal button below.

As always, there is absolutely NO expectation on you to donate. I know the economy is utterly horrific for a lot of you, and I’d rather you keep your money! Me? I’m putting in my ‘treat’ fund that I use to buy two fancy coffee drinks a month.

Also remember that Paypal DOES deduct some from your transaction (unless it’s a Paypal to Paypal transfer) so if you donate $20, I usually see $18.50 to $19, depending on what country you’re from.

19 thoughts on ““Spotlight: Chicago” Mini Fundraiser”

  1. Status update 🙂 Thanks to these people, we’re up to $192!

    Janet D
    Regina J
    The Miller Family
    The Monroes
    Sharron I

      1. Maybe Billy Petersen will even be there as it’s my understanding that Chicago is his home base now. New photos of Billy and Jorja together would be nice. 🙂

        It’s too bad that you can’t attend. I mean, who of us deserves to meet Jorja more than you do?!

      2. I suppose it depends on if he’s working that night… Which I don’t think he is. Someone who’s a bigger Billy fan would know for sure!

      3. From the things I’ve seen and read about him, Billy Petersen and his wife are big supporters of the Humane Society. Of course, it doesn’t mean that he attends every function, but it would be nice to see him support his “other wife”! 😆

      4. 😆 So true!

        Well, I’m sure we’ll find out in a mere two weeks. Hope if warms up a little for Jorja. Our ‘high’ for the month is 31 F (-1 C for the rest of you). Wool is my friend!

  2. OMG! Annette M. took us to $380!

    Gosh and I was hoping for at least $100! Now the possibility of $400 is out there. You guys never cease to amaze me!

  3. Cecilia McG kicked us to $400!

    FYI, the reason the money shows up a little ‘less’ sometimes, is because Paypal takes a small fee for transferring money. At the end of it all, I’ll add funds and round us up 🙂

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