Spotlight Humane: Chicago (The Missus’s POV)

Ipstenu and I were next to each other all night; we had the same experience, though we perceived it differently. Therefore, I won’t give an account of events, but I will give an assessment.

Let me preface my assessment by saying that I wasn’t a fan of Jorja Fox. I never cared whether I met her, never wanted an autograph, never cared if I had my picture taken with her. I can’t actually think of anyone of whom I’ve ever been a “fan” in those terms. There are people I’ve wanted to meet, just to tell them “thanks for standing up for Cause X” (whatever Cause X may be), and there are people whose work I admire, and yes, there are people I’ve enjoyed when they appear in some of my better dreams. But autographs, photographs, and other “fan” activities… it’s not me. Even if I had harnessed the wild magic that is HTML or CSS, I still wouldn’t ever make a fan website. I’m not that girl, though I think Ipstenu is cute when she’s that girl, because I know if I were still performing, I’d have a fan site maintained by her, and I’d be grateful for it.

So, yeah. I like Jorja’s work a lot, admired her ability to act, to react, and to act silently without *needing* to speak to get her point across, but I wasn’t a fan. I knew she was a tireless activist for the protection of animals, children, women, and many other causes dear to me, and I’m grateful for the fact that she highlights… and yet I wasn’t a “fan.”

Then I saw her give gratitude and honor to Ipstenu for her 15 years of dedicated service — which Ipstenu did without ever wanting recognition. She invited us to this local event, just to say thanks. When we walked in the door, she immediately sought us out. She introduced us to a friend, Joe Fab, the genius filmmaker behind Paper Clips. (Go rent that movie right now. I mean it. I’ll come find you if you don’t.) She seemed to actually want to talk to us, and as if she’d actively been waiting to do so.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I know Jorja didn’t want to spend her whole night with us, talking like we were bestest friends evar. Let’s face it, we move in different crowds, and she brought some of her crowd with her, meeting up with her friends who are local to us. Speaking as a former high school student, Jorja is head cheerleader, student body president, Most Likely To Succeed, Best Smile, and captain of the debate team… and we’re basically new in town, don’t know anyone, unknown quantities that she invited because she’s generous with her pool parties, okay? She just wanted to do something nice.

And still, Jorja looked genuinely sorry when others pulled her away from us, as if she actually would have enjoyed playing hostess (we figured, at the most, she would say, “Hi, thanks for the site, sorry, I gotta mingle, it’s in the contract.”) and getting to know us. Not like she was fascinated with us or anything, but because she’s popular by virtue of the fact that not only do a lot of people know her, but she knows them, and enjoys widening her circle of potential friends.

Okay. I know she’s an actor, and it could’ve been an act, but… it wasn’t. I’m an actor too, and while onscreen or onstage the “acting” may be invisible, in person it is absolutely not. It is always extremely obvious when you’re in person, right up next to someone, whether they’re acting. She was not acting. Jorja was off duty, and if she hadn’t wanted us there, she wouldn’t have invited us; and if we hadn’t been people she would’ve enjoyed talking to, she had dozens of opportunities to escape and claim “Sorry, I’d love to say and chat, but I have to do this other thing somewhere, anywhere, I mean, thanks for coming, goodbye freaky fans.”

She could have just brushed us off, and we’d have simply accepted it as truth — she was there to promote animal protection, not to be a hostess, after all. But she didn’t. She actually did seem like she was happy doing this thing, yet she’d have been equally happy to sit down over pizza and beer and just talk about the cause, or anything else. See, the thing about actors is that they’re best at what they do because they see other people, are genuinely interested in them, and that’s how they have the insight to be able to portray others with such truth.

Whenever someone inevitably asks me whether she’s like her character on CSI, I’ll be able to say, “Sort of. She’s equally smart, equally passionate about being a voice to those who can’t speak for themselves.” But Sara Sidle is a bit hardened, a bit harsh, with the strength that comes from resisting more than the average person’s share of opposition. Her shoulders are set in a hard-won pride; she’s had dignity, had it smacked off her, and gotten it back, tougher and badder and hard like a diamond. (See? I’m an actor. I see people, too, even the fictional ones. I know how it works; see above.) I love that character to pieces; but if Ipstenu and I ever had her over for dinner, I’d see her out the door afterward and then tell Ipstenu earnestly, “We need to have her over a lot more often. She needs some extra mothering, or at least aunting or sistering. And soup, lots of soup.”

Jorja doesn’t need that quite as much. She has the strength that comes from gentleness and graciousness, too. In a word, she’s a lady. Her mother, of blessed memory, must have been proud of her every single day of her life.

Also, Jorja is very huggy and tactile. Normally I really don’t want to touch people or have them touch me; yet somehow it didn’t seem like an invasion from her, but rather like an acknowledgement of a human connection.

Summary: I expected Ipstenu to be acknowledged with a handshake and then left to her own devices. I expected my own presence to be required only so Ipstenu wouldn’t have to just stand in a corner all night feeling superfluous, and just to listen to her say over and over, “I can’t believe I just met Jorja. Oh, snap, I forgot to get a picture with her. The fans will kill me.” I expected to be bored. Instead, I felt — and I know Ipstenu felt — appreciated, and as if we mattered. Jorja Fox is made of class and gentility. Now, now, I’m her fan. (I still don’t want an autograph, though; the hug was better than a scribble on a piece of paper.)

OH, yes, and Billy Petersen was a gentleman too. Wish I’d asked him what aftershave he was using, because it was nice, and I think it would’ve smelled good as a cologne on Ipstenu. I miss his cute curls, but straightened hair is apparently required by his current role, which started rehearsing yesterday. Hope the show goes well, whatever it is.

Questions? Go for it.

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  1. Awesome. It’s always great to hear about a person from the perspective of someone who doesn’t, particularly, love them the way we do. It kind of validates some of the more irrational parts of being a fan.

    And, personally, I can’t think of a bigger compliment to anyone than saying their mom must have been proud every day of their lives. In my book, that validates everything.

    I’m really glad you had the chance to experience this with Ipstenu.

    1. I think I should’ve summarized it by saying that I admire Jorja’s acting ability and career, and I admire her activism, but I’m a fan of her personality. She’s a lady. I’m glad we met, and I hope it happens again.

  2. RandomDrift aka Madness

    It’s nice to hear your unbiased opinion. Sounds like she is a nice person. I laughed at the “… Jorja is very huggy…” – that is something that would probably put me off in “real life”.

    1. I admit that I don’t really enjoy people touching me. For religious reasons I don’t touch men who aren’t directly related to me; and because I’m a lesbian (don’t pretend to be shocked, you all know Ipstenu is), I don’t touch women either. To me, it’s not that touch could lead to an improperly sexual situation — it’s that touch IS a sexual situation, just like being secluded with someone is a sexual situation. It’s not that it could lead to more, but that it’s already something I choose not to do. I’m… Okay, I’m weird, and I know it. If this religious law that I observe didn’t suit me down to the ground, I simply wouldn’t observe it, like a lot of folks will acknowledge that there’s a speed limit but still won’t obey it. But mostly I try to be holding things, or to already be holding Ipstenu’s hand, or something, depending on the setting. It’s easier at synagogue, where everyone else is observing the same law I am.

      I knew I’d be meeting strangers at the event, and I didn’t want to shame Ipstenu by seeming rude when I was there to represent her, so I chose to avoid humiliating someone who offered a handshake by refusing to accept. To touch someone unnecessarily is a little immodest, to my mind, but to humiliate another human being is entirely unacceptable, and I wouldn’t ever do it knowingly. So when I met some perfectly delightful people, I focused on the fact that they were delightful, and deliberately suspended my own sensibilities for the moment. I don’t even know if I felt anything at all, and that’s the way I wanted it. I’ve no idea whether I enjoyed or disliked Jorja’s handshake, any more than I know how I felt about the handshakes from others I received that night. I do know that I was very glad to have met all of them. “Mr. No On H8 Button,” you were fantastic and gentlemanly and polite. Joe Fab is indeed fab, very sweet and open and I’d LOVE to meet him again. And so on.

      Later when Ipstenu asked if she could take Jorja’s picture and then get one with her, Jorja offered one with me, too. I was surprised and pleased — not to get a picture, but at the fact that she thought to offer it — and so I accepted with alacrity and effulgence. It wasn’t until later that I realized she’d put her arm around me for it, and that I’d done the same, as naturally as if she’d been my best friend or my favorite cousin. She didn’t make it seem like she was entering my personal space, but that we were entering the same frame together. (Also, she’s a model, so she was able to ‘cheat’ several inches off her frame so that I wouldn’t look like the miniscule little acorn that I am, and she wouldn’t look like the statuesque creature that she is, but that we could actually appear in the same shot while I wasn’t standing on a box. That takes skill, people!) Jorja made me feel un-awkward about personal contact, and — what’s strange, for me — it didn’t feel like it was a surprise that I’d have to get used to, but that it was actually something average. That, to me, was what made me come up with the word ‘lady’ that I keep using about her in my head and in my posts. A true lady, as I’ve been told, is able to make others comfortable. Bullseye, I must say.

      1. …Also, I perhaps overstate the case. To me, “very huggy” means one hug. To the rest of all you (normal) people out there, “very huggy” probably means seven or eight hugs, which wasn’t the case.

  3. I really enjoyed reading this. Thanks for sharing your pov on the night. I myself being a “fan” of Jorja just as Ipstenu is probably would’ve had the same response she did, possibly more so even. So it’s good to hear from some one who isn’t quite so much, dare I say obsessed, that Jorja is in fact just as nice and genuine as everyone has said. I have said to people more than once “I bet she’d be fun to hang with” and from the sounds of it she is. Glad you gals had a good time, it was well deserved. And, welcome to the “fan” club. 😉

    1. Also, what I didn’t mention in my post… Jorja is really pretty, in a way I hadn’t expected.

      That sounds just stupid. Let me essplain. No, it would take too long. Let me sum up.

      Onscreen, JORJA FOX THE BIG STAR is gorgeous, in one way. In person, Jorja is gorgeous in an entirely different way. I don’t know how that works. Onscreen the angles of her face and body do one thing, and in person they do another thing. I now know what is meant by the word photogenic. It’s not that she looks better in person or better in a photograph, but that she’s able to present herself differently and thus to create a different impression of what she “really” looks like. It’s very cool, I think. Some trick of light and shadow, that she is very good at understanding intuitively and using instinctively.

  4. I loved reading this. The funny thing is, before I became a fan of Jorja, I really was NEVER a fan of anybody else — so I *completely* understand your line about never being into autographs or photos and the like. Me either. (And if I ever get to meet Jorja, I doubt I’ll ask for an autograph or a picture.)

    I think your description of the meeting makes me like Jorja even more…it seems simple to describe somebody as “nice,” but she sure comes off as *genuinely* nice in both your and Ipstenu’s writings.

    Which makes her even more likeable, if that’s at all possible…

    Thanks so much for sharing.

  5. Oh — and now you have me obsessing about Billy’s cologne, ’cause Lord knows, my husband could use a new one… 🙄

    1. Try Eau Savage on your husband. Or ask him to shave with Barbasol. I’ve always liked those.

      1. Or better yet, taking Mrs Ipstenu’s suggestion one step further, you shave him with Barbasol ala Sara/Grissom in Fallen Idols… Ok. I have to stop now… 😳 😛

      2. Hmm…should I wear my black hoodie and ask him, “Do you trust me?” And then only shave him if he correctly tilts his head back, closes his eyes, and says, “Intimately”?

        Good lord, if that didn’t prove obsession, I don’t know what does…

      3. Actually, that scene made an impact on me, too, because I once wrote a short story involving a shaving incident and trust. I never published it anywhere — it was typed on a manual (not even ELECTRIC) typewriter, and was lost forever when I moved across the country to be with Ipstenu — but nevertheless, I claim shout-out for that scene. It was well written, and extremely well acted on both parts.

  6. Wow! That was.. Just wow! How nice of you and how nice of Jorja! Love about the aftershave! =p I felt for a second like “that would be a PERSON (not actor!) i’d love to meet! How amazing that she’s like that! And you and Iptsenu (I’m holding your word that typos are allowed!) are so appreciative and greatful! I’m really glad you crossed over to the “WeLoveJorja” side! =p this is just more confirmation that it was you both that deserved meeting her the most! Kudos!

  7. sarasidle4ever

    You have a funny way of writting. Reminds me of my self 😛 . I loved reading it. I’m surprised that she actually uses the skills she learned as a model, sinds in most interviews, when she talks about her modeling career, she says she was rubbish.
    I have a weird question though. You say Billy smelled good but how did Jorja smell? I know it is a weird question but if you read fanfiction Sara neerly always smells like lavender. So when I was reading yesterday I wondered if that was actually true.
    I know I’m nuts. 😛

    1. Jorja didn’t smell like lavender. She wasn’t wearing cologne at all, probably because of that same instinctive consideration for others, including those with scent sensitivity or allergies. I’m telling ya, she’s a real mensch.

  8. There’s some interview in which Jorja says she likes the smell of lavamder very much, only she thinks it’s a rather “mother-ish” scent.. I SHOULD think the question is weird. But I don’t! I actually wanna know the answer myself! =P Huh..

  9. You know, come to think of it.. I was never really a fan of Jorja either. I actually literally HATED her! Until I loved her! I was extremely young when CSI aired (just 10!) and it was my sister who watched it. That and ER and the West Wing (all of which I hated!). I had a talk with my mom, at the tender age of 10, when my sister put CSI on for the first time, because I couldn’t stomach how all she’d watch was either people dying, or people already dead! Or worse.. Politics! My mother had a fit of laughter and I just “barrumph’ed” under my breath whenever it was on. I liked Catherine cause she was pretty (kids, u know!) and LOVED Grissom! But pretty much limited to seeing what the case was at the beggining and who’d done it at the end. Until when the whole Gsr thing really kicked it off (at the very last episode of the sixth season) that I went all “holy crap! When did THAT happen?!” for some reason, I was just completely fascinated by the fictitious relationship, and little by little, fell in love with it! And then it was automatic. I became head over heels crazy bout Jorja (or Sara first, then both, then really just Jorja!) and now I’m helpless! She HAS reopened my eyes to several causes that deffinetely need attention! I’m just dying to become a vegetarian now, though I’m pretty sure I’ll have to wait till I live on my own, since it’s too much trouble for my mom to cook stuff obli for me (being that everyone else loves meat in my house!) I think Jorja’s the best and I’m glad I changed my mind about her and the show! God only knows I would’ve been able to get into Med and find my passion in surgery had it not been for all those dead bodies I saw!! =P (I’m not even kidding about that!)

    1. For what it’s worth, I’ve heard a LOT of similar stories. A fan named Daphne became a foster mother due, in part, to Sara Sidle. A lot of younger fans got interested in medicine and vegetarianism and activism. That’s what they meant when the said Jorja uses her celebrity to make the world a little better. She really does.

  10. This is such an enjoyable read! A long-time Jorja Fox fan–I loved her in that little ‘Food’ movie she made–but started watching CSI the very first episode on my birthday because of Petersen. The second week, I thought Jorja Fox and Billy Petersen made a good pairing. She’s always had that favorite cousin/sister/aunt status in our house–my girls love her, their friends love her.They love science because of her Sara character! One is vegetarian–with the poster on the wall of Jorja Fox. She really gives such a positive star status compared to all those ditzy others in Hollywood! I’m so happy to hear our opinions of her are true.

    Had to laugh about Mr. Petersen’s smell! We met him last summer, and he DID smell good! Made me think of swimming in fresh water springs with a load of some mix of minerals–if you’ve ever been there, you know the smell!

    Again, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts!

  11. Thank you so much for validating my feelings about Jorja these past years. I will never have the opportunity to do what you have but I am happy to live it vicariously through you, I would also love to know what she smelled like. She has truly been someone that I have tried hard to emulate in activism.

  12. I’m very sensitive to smells, so I’m sure I would have noticed if Jorja had smelled of lavender, or had been wearing any other cologne. That is to say, I’m not ‘sensitive’ as in allergic, but ‘sensitive’ as in, I smell things strongly and they affect me strongly.

    Billy’s aftershave was strong as if he’d just put it on and it hadn’t had a chance to mellow, and yet it wasn’t overpowering, and certainly wasn’t unpleasant. I think it would smell good on Ipstenu. I wish I’d asked what it was.

    Jorja’s smell was… You know, I don’t think I want to describe it. It seems immodest, somehow, like peering into someone’s window. Pleasant, though, and let’s leave it at that.

    1. *headscratch* I honestly couldn’t tell you what Billy OR Jorja smelled like. I didn’t hug Billy (shook his hand and called him Mr. Petersen) and I didn’t pick up a scent off Jorja so all I can say is she didn’t smell of cigarettes.

  13. Wow. Thanks Mrs Ipstenu for your beautiful account! Your words really capture what I thought about her even without having met her. I think Jorja’s beauty is truly inside and out. Awesome…. In regards to touching, I think it also depends on where you come from. For example, I’m Hispanic and for us it’s pretty normal that when you meet somebody (both men and women, even if it’s for the first time) you give them a kiss on the cheek and/or a hug. When I came to the US, I learned that you have to be careful when you do this because not everybody likes it or is accustomed to it. We Hispanics are pretty touchy, feely (touching somebody on the arm, hugging) and that is our way of making somebody feel welcomed and displaying warmth; nothing sexual about it… I’m glad Jorja made you feel comfortable…. Thanks for sharing your experience. 😀

    Question: From you point of view, what do you think of Jorja’s and Billy’s interaction? Do they seem pretty close? General observations.. Thanks in advance!

  14. AnnaSophia:

    Yes, it’s normal for people to shake hands or hug in the US too. I’ve got a very Victorian sensibility about that kind of thing; I’m oversensitized to touch, and I try to avoid it, other than people that aren’t very closely related to me — what an Arabic speaker would call my mahrams, close relatives. Even some of those can make me ‘itchy’ if they want more than one hug hello or goodbye. Yes, I’m strange.

    Anyway… Jorja and Billy interacted like, you know, just folks who enjoy one another’s company. Buddies who hadn’t had a chance to work together for a while, and were glad to see one another again.

    I should mention that I’ve only recently heard that a long while back, some people were thinking — and saying — that Billy and Jorja were having some godawful affair, and I hope you can hear the distaste in my ‘voice’ when I say that. After seeing Jorja and Billy interact, and seeing both of them together and individually interacting with Mrs. Petersen who was also there, the verdict is NO, absolutely not. That wasn’t the nature of their interaction, and it wasn’t in the nature of Mrs. Petersen’s reaction to Jorja. And shame on anyone who ever spoke that way about another human being without proof positive. Spreading rumors like that is disgusting and causes harm. From now on, keep that filth to yourselves. Not that anyone on JFO would ever say such things about another person, would you? [insert stern glare here] Good.

    1. Please tell me that Mrs Peterson has a normal figure and isn’t ulta slim. Cause I saw a picture on Billy’s fan site once with them together and I just wanted to feed her lots of pasta and meat to put some weight on her. She really looked underweight and I am really worried about her. Sorry if you find it weird but I’m doing a course on Dietetics so I have a habit to worry about the weight of every one around me and my self.

      1. Not weird, but as neither of us talked to her (and in fact, you can only see her in one of the pics), that’s about as much as we saw of her! She looked like a small, normal, person.

    2. In my mind, they are having a torrid affair 😀 Of course, that is just my private RL GSR fantasy and wouldn’t dare spread it anywhere..LOL.. Thanks for your response.

      1. Well as far as GSR goes, they’re married 😉 As far as RL goes, you can’t mistake them for anything other than good friends.

  15. I know! Thank you AnnaSophia for understanding! I’m Hispanic too.. Dominican, and thank the heavens I still live here, cause I’ve seen people get weirded out about how we embrace others, though it’s perfectly normal for us. Warm and welcome, you described it perfectly! I plan on moving to the states for my residence, so I better get that down! I’m super loving and pole making people feel at ease around me, which I guess could be misinterpreted.. To Mrs Ipstenu, onnot wanting to disclose what she smelled like cause it feels like “peering in”.. The more you write, the better I like you (though you’re SO incredibly different than I am! Which is good! You and Ipstenu are my fave girls now, I think, and if you ever feel like in a beachy mood (we got killer beaches!) and travel to the DR, I’ll offer you both soup and I suppose.. a high five? =P

  16. Valerie, thank you for those sweet words. 🙂 You’re so kind.

    By the way, everyone, I’m on Twitter now as MrsIpstenu (no space, no period). I’m following jorjafoxonline and also Ipstenu, of course. I’m not all that interesting, but I’m open to being followed if anyone wants.

  17. Ur welcome! For a minute there I thought you were gonna reject my adorable high five! Yay! I’ve officially posted over a hundred times in the same article! And I’ve been in school all day! So much for my future in surgery.. =P

    1. I admit I’d probably take the high-five (because you’re a woman, and because I hate embarrassing anyone), but I wouldn’t be able to take the soup. No worries, though. If I ever visit your homeland, it’ll be to meet wonderful people, not just to get fed. I can eat at home, but where else would I meet Dominicans? 😀

  18. I’ve seen pics of her and she doesn’t look ultrathin.. Just really hot! Yet not in a “thin is in” kind of way. Just plain hot! I think she’s Italian, which means she’s got good genes probably and seems fit enough for me! She IS gorgeous and they totally go together!

    1. I agree the do look good together and she is beautiful. I don’t know just some of the the newer pics scared me but than again mayby its just the angle of the camera.

      1. Mrs. Petersen has a healthy, pretty figure. No need to worry.

        Billy’s stocky, but I don’t think he looks unhealthy at all, either. He’s bigger by nature; his skin looks pink with health, not too loose or too tight, not greyed with lack of taking care of himself. He just looks as if he’s supposed to be the size that, in fact, he is.

        Jorja is whip-thin, but unlike most, doesn’t look unhealthy for it. Like Billy, she looks like that’s just the size she’s supposed to be.

        Ipstenu looks healthy and fit. Way to go, sweetie!

        Anybody else’s weight I can address? I’m down ten-ish pounds. 😉

      2. sarasidle4ever

        Sorry for my obsession 😛 (it helped me lose 15kg though).
        English is not my first language so what means whip-thin?

      3. Whip-thin means… Hm. You know what a whip is? The kind people used to use on horses (God forbid) when driving a wagon? Whip-thin means as thin as a whip. It’s an exaggeration, of course, but it means VERY thin. Most of the time, seeing people that thin makes me ache to feed them something, because they look underfed and unhealthy. Jorja is one of the few who looks like she’s simply supposed to be thin. I still want to feed her soup, of course, but not because I’m afraid she’s about to faint — just for the sake of hospitality.

      4. sarasidle4ever

        Thanks for the explanation! I knew what a whip was just never seen it combined with thin and I put it in a translation machine and in Dutch it translated to (if you translate it back) soap slim which is weird.

  19. Thank you for your ‘non-fan’ insight. I’ve never been a ‘fan’ of any celebrity, but have been completely won over by Jorja and JFO. Like you, I have never been caught up in the fan-girl fenzy; partly because I am a private person myself, and value anyone’s privacy like my own, and also partly because I was convinced I would be disappointed if I ever met them. But I have been so impressed with the accounts of everyone that has met Jorja that I am satisfied that my first ever fan-girl crush (at a decidedly non-girl age of 50) is justified.
    Thanks again to you and Ipstenu for your narratives and your perspectives. Like everyone here, I love Jorja and will continue to support her and her causes whenever possible.

  20. Hands-down, this has been the most fun I’ve had living vicariously in a LONG LONG time!

    Back to real life, where I have to fold mountains of laundry, write a lecture for tomorrow, and shuffle kids to guitar lessons and choir practice and soccer…

    And, at least for now, I have no more questions for either you or Ipstenu!

    Be well! And I’ll follow you on Twitter.

  21. I have been in class ALL day (teacher, not student), horrible weather, and driving home, I thought “I’ll bet there has been a great conversation about Jorja today” so I drove faster–this has been so enjoyable to read someone’s view of a famous person (actually two, counting Mr. Petersen) and learn both are more than you expect! And to have someone writing about it who does so with such delight in your words–truly has made my day!! Maybe the students aren’t so bad, and maybe the sun will shine tomorrow! I pulled up your photographs of the event to show several students–you should have heard the ‘ahhh’s’and ‘how lucky!’–so thanks to both of you again for sharing your wonderful experience!

    1. Absolutely, mamamimi, and I hope it helps. What subject do you teach? If it’s English, point out to your students that more people will read their blogs and fansites if they spell and punctuate correctly. 😎

      And yes, Ipstenu and I are very lucky. It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

      Did I mention about the pictures? Ipstenu got a couple of just Jorja, and then she handed me the camera and I got the ones that you see of Jorja with Ipstenu. Then Jorja held out her hand for the camera and said, “I bet you two don’t have any together, and you both look nice.” So we now have a photo of us together, taken by Jorja. Then she offered to take one with me, and the mention of that photo is above (long post about hugginess).

      1. Biology–and grammer is important there–as well as correct spelling! It is a very long war for both and sometimes I think we are all losing! But keep the faith! I have had so many students, females, who want to learn science because of Sara Sidle. I honestly do not think Jorja Fox knows the influence she has had on young girls–giving them a “geek science girl” as a hero!

        When Sara left in that very depressing episode, I could not conduct a regular class the next day–so many students (girls) were SO upset. That day, I wrote a letter to CSI’s Carol Mendelsohn about destroying this fictional hero! I never heard from her, but one day I got a box of CSI things–caps, t-shirts, several CSI books–return address of CSI Writers Office–so we had a nice box of give-aways and while Carol probably had nothing to do with it, someone thought enough of my letter to send the “prizes” and Sara’s story worked well in the end! (That box is my claim that real letters often ‘work’ in surprising ways!)

        BE SURE you write on the back of your photo who took it– As if you would forget–not!

  22. Maybe miami can teach me all the Bio i’m ignoring for keeping up with this conversation (instead of paying attention to class!)

  23. Mrs. Ipstenu, thank you so much for your delightful insight into your meeting with Jorja. I can say that I, too, have never really been a fan until CSI. I watched ER, but don’t ever remember her on it. I have never watched anything else she was in, except maybe an after school special that I don’t remember. But, something about her in CSI, then learning about her more as a person got me interested. I still wouldn’t want an autograph, but was touched her personal assistant sent an email. I have been willing to investigate vegetarianism because of her. Somehow I believe she is a genuinely nice person. I love this site that Ipstenu runs and appreciate all of her hard work. I don’t expect to ever meet Jorja, but don’t think I’d turn down an invitation to. I’m not particularly huggy myself because I was always overweight and didn’t want anyone to touch me. Over the past year I’ve lost 120#, and while I’m 20# from my goal, I’m still extremely self conscious and don’t like to be touched. It’s nice to know Jorja is someone that puts you at ease. I’m so glad you and Ipstenu, particularly Ipstenu, got the opportunity to meet her and talk to her.
    Thanks for sharing your insights.

  24. Did either of you get to meet Lelah? What is she like? I imagine she might be pretty nice given her smile.

    1. Neither of us met Lelah.

      Of course, as this is ‘Jorja Fox: Online’, I didn’t feel the need to really get into detail about everyone else we met. Joe Fab got a mention because he actively told me he likes JFO (boy, that’s pressure to perform!) but other than that, the people we met remain internet-anonymous 🙂

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