Three Weeks to Sundance!

Bret Stern, of Sono Studios and Bret Stern Productions, has announced that “Three Weeks to Daytona” is going to Sundace!

In a recent interview about the renovation of his studio, he publicly state:

Stern completed his own movie there, “Three Weeks to Daytona,” with Rip Torn and Jorja Fox. “It’s been submitted to Sundance and will make the festival circuit.”

Here’s hoping that those of us who aren’t on the festival circuit will get a chance to pick up this on DVD!

Source: NewsTimes: Sono Studios is ready for ‘action’

8 thoughts on “Three Weeks to Sundance!”

  1. Great news 💡 Will they show the movie for the verry first time? And after that, going to the cinemas only in the USA?? Maybe you guys know more about it? I hope he comes to Switzerland too! Fingers crossed 🙂

    1. Probably it’ll be limited release. The sundance channel in the US might pair it. I get that right now, so I SHOULD be able to record, cap and recap it, if not get a couple clips. Crossing fingers.

  2. We have a special cinema in Bradford for limited release movies so I may get to see
    it.Here is hoping.

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