What A Pair – Pictures and Bonus

The bonus is that Marg Helgenberger, Jorja’s duet partner from What A Pair 4, will be in LONDON on Friday, June 4, 2010 , at 6.30pm for What A Pair London. Since there’s a bit of crossover between Jorja and Marg fans, and I know a lot of you are over on the British Isles, I hope you get the chance to pick up tickets. You can read all about it at All About Marg’s What A Pair! News Page.

And now, thanks to the lovely ladies at Margamania, pictures!
What A Pair 2006 What A Pair 2006 What A Pair 2006 What A Pair 2006 What A Pair 2006 What A Pair 2006 What A Pair 2006

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  1. The loverly pix of Jorja at the begining of the set was shown in a TV magazine which hinted at her first departure. This upset the staff I see and made me cross.I had been a fan of CSI for years.Later I began to wonder who who is this person and so I am here.Adore Jorja for the charity work she does and because she is a very special actress.So that is what one of pictures means to me. Marge is beautiful to and I am sure they are really good friends.

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