“3 Weeks to Daytona” Has A Distributor!

Shoreline Entertainment has picked up “3 Weeks to Daytona” for distribution, so there’s a chance we’ll get to see this ‘soon’. Β They have the movie up on their movie list now and a new poster!

3 thoughts on ““3 Weeks to Daytona” Has A Distributor!”

  1. What a great news on a raining Monday morning πŸ˜† Let the sunshine come 😎 😎

  2. “It’s raining Man Juice”……”Hallejulah!” My favorite Catherine and Sara quote fits this grand news to a “T”. 😎

  3. If it ever comes out on DVD, someone has to buy & send me a copy…Doubt it’ll be available in Europe :/ I’ll pay for all the costs ofcourse.

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