3 Weeks to … Facebook?

The movie 3 Weeks to Daytona has a FaceBook page, and posted some more production stills!

If you do that FaceyBooky thing, hit up http://www.facebook.com/3WeeksToDaytona

Oh and here are the production stills:

facebook-002 facebook-003 facebook-004 facebook-005

8 thoughts on “3 Weeks to … Facebook?”

  1. Love that mac that Mis Fox is wearing in first pic. Did she wear that at some karaoke back in 2009 for sea life?

  2. Thank you everyone for your interest in 3 Weeks to Daytona. Jorja is fantastic as the role of Cheryl, Check Weber’s (Scott Cohen-“The Other Woman,” “Gilmore Girls”) #1 fan and head of the pit crew. Who knew Jorja was so good with race cars!?

    Visit us on facebook and make sure you “Like” us. We hope a strong following will really motivate distributors to send us to the theaters nation wide!!!

    Many Thanks!!!!

    Production Manager for 3 Weeks to Daytona Promotions

    1. Hah! Don’t worry, we all typo 🙂

      I added you guys to the JFO Fan Page on Facebook. Anything you need to promote, feel free to drop a note at webmasterATjorjafox.net and I’ll make sure it gets done 🙂

  3. I live in Tampa FL. Does anyone know if Ms Jorja will be attending the screening in Florida? I know she grew up in Florida, so it would be a nice time for her to visit. OMG I’d just love to meet her!

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