Become an Elephant

This movie WILL save lives. Join 14 year old Juliette on her life changing journey to save elephants before time runs out. The SE Asian elephant is facing extinction in the wild, while the animal entertainment and elephant trekking industries are growing exponentially.

Remember that movie Jorja helped produce, “How I Became An Elephant”?  Well they want to do more, and this time they’re asking us to help!  We managed to get the money they needed for Dusty Springfield, we hit our goal for Surfrider, I think we can all take a moment and help an elephant.

They need $75,000 by October 4th, which is less than a month away.  Yes, that’s a lot of money, but let me quote Jane Goodall: “The passion in this film is what gives me hope.”

Please KickStart and Become An Elephant.

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  1. Wild elephant populations in Thailand are actually on the rise, there are some amazing positive stories of conservationists who do not mistreat or abuse these wonderful creatures. It is a complicated relationship but the reality is that elephants must now co-exist with humans and there are dedicated people finding the best way for this to happen – these positive stories need to be told too.


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