CSI 11×12 “A Kiss Before Frying” Discussion Post (Updated)

Dita Von Teese guest stars in tonight’s CSI.

Official Release

The CSIs link a body with severe burn marks to possible execution by electric chair – and to a legendary Vegas murder. Meanwhile, Greg asks out Ellen, a pretty schoolteacher and forensics enthusiast who has been touring the crime lab.



Oh and did you know Dita’s gonna watch it with Eric and Jorja?


Coming Soon!

Zero stars because there was no Jorja but … Watch it anyway. It was a great episode!


9 thoughts on “CSI 11×12 “A Kiss Before Frying” Discussion Post (Updated)”

  1. Tonight’s episode will be titillating???? Ipstenu, as Santa might say, “Your puns SLEIGH me”! 😉

  2. I`m excited to see this episode because i know as soon as its finished theres going to be a trailer for episode 13 🙂 ahh woop x

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