CSI 11×13 “The Two Mrs. Grissoms” Promo Videos

It took so long for me to post this because I kept cracking up every time I caught Marlee Matlin signing that Julia and Grissom were intimate. The sign is, indeed, the one for being ‘involved’ (thank you Mrs. Ipstenu for confirming), but her face pretty much turns that into ‘Yeah, I banged him. A lot.’ I’m kind of in love Marlee right now. And Jorja’s face of ‘Yes, thank you, I get it.’ is priceless.

You want to SEE the video? Oh, sure.



By the way, the CTV promo (waiting on it) had Grissom in it. So … apparently he’s around too on a Skype video. That’s really all I know at this time.

Thank you, UnspokenLoves for the clip of the CTV video! There’s Grissom.

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  1. This looks awwwwwwwwwwwwwwesomeeeeeeeeeee!!! I think I’m going to pass out. My poor Sara. She’s getting kicked left and right…. I’m excited to hear what she says in response to that “intimate” comment.

  2. FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was waiting for this episode to end just to see the promo, but you had it posted before!! 😀
    I can feel the tension, just with the music, and the looks!
    I really can’t stop squeeing and laughing at Sara’s face like “ok I get it, you banged my husband” haha its just…priceless!!!
    Now Im counting the days till nxt thursday!!!! 😀

  3. CTV promo showed … A Skype video with Grissom. And slowly I’m getting news that he DID film a promo, he DID NOT want it promoted. So either CBS screwed up or CTV did, but … Yeh.

    I’m off picking my jaw off the floor. 😯

  4. Well, that news just made my night!
    Thanks, Ipstenu, for confirming. Now, I want to see the CTV promo. 😀
    I’m actually not surprised he didn’t want it promoted. WP’s trying to stay in the background so people won’t expect him back. I hope he’s doing it as a favor to Jorja, and possibly for CM. As long as we see him and Sara communicating (!), I don’t really care why, or how. 🙂

  5. I agree with Jan.
    I hope there’s more than one Skype video with Grissom!!
    This just made my night!!
    please tell us when the CTV promo is up!!! I can’t wait to see it!!! 😀

  6. yes agreed tell me when and where the CTV promo comes. I saw it on the tv but sadly i wasnt paying attention :O
    poor sara, the other woman is such a bitch ” haha yah i banged him”
    ohs if i were sara, i would just wait for me shift to be over 😛 LOL
    cant wait to watch the ep

  7. Sara is thinking “well you couldn’t have been that good he chose me not you 😛 and she wouldn’t have thought he was a virgin (can I say that?) plus the mother-in-law from hell and I have to say it Nick sticking the knife in. You guys have so much to look forward to can’t wait till next Friday morning to read you’re comments. 🙂

  8. Have just watched a clip on billypetersen.com, I take it this is the one we’re talking about. Apparently they knew a month ago but were sworn to secrecy. If Sara doesn’t get the better of these two I’ll be so disappointed, but she will. 😉 They’ve certainly put this girl through the wringer over the seasons more than anyone else I suppose but she’s a tough nut and won’t crack, I hope. 😐

  9. Ahh we’ve been spoiled 🙂

    Love seeing Grissom on screen, even with an interaction on skype I bet the chemistry will be sizzling, can’t wait!

  10. OMG, I so did not see this coming! I mean, I obviously wanted it to happen, and I must say thought about Sara talking to him on the phone at the end of the episode or something, but to actually see Grissom? It’s too good! Oh, I can’t wait to see Sara talking to him – I just realized I’ve never seen them talking to each other after they got married (it won’t change a thing, I know, but it’s still pretty cool). Sara will be just fine, I’m sure… She’s probably used to her mother-in-law and she really doesn’t have to worry about Julia – let’s face it, she’s been through much worse situations. 🙂

  11. I’m quite honestly stunned about this. I suppose it’s fair though. I was spoiled (and sworn to secrecy) when Jorja came back, but I’d also speculated that she was coming back for Grissom’s farewell, so I had told you all “I bet they do a Doug Ross!” already and then just went wink-wink a lot. And I was spoiled when Jorja left.

    So I have NO problem with being left out of the loop. I mean, it’s Grissom/Petersen, not Sara/Jorja so sure, fair. 🙂 But still. It’s impressive they kept the secret this long, while still letting as many people know as they did.

    Hopefully CTV’s ‘leak’ of the news will kick CBS into overdrive.

  12. squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!
    😀 My wish came true! I knew CBS had a little compassion for us fans missing Billy! Im still mad at them thoughh for not telling us earlier!…
    I can’t wait!!!! I’ve already set my DVR to record it!!! 😉
    OMG! I still can’t believe it!! hahahaa!

  13. I’m so excited! Sara needs to say that “Well Julia, it’s me that’s banging him now and me that wheres his ring. hehe

  14. I see the second preview has been removed due to “copyrite infringement”.

    I loved it when Brass said, “Now this is awkward”! Sara has that WTF look on her face. Should be a great episode as long as Gil sides with his wife. 🙂

  15. You would think that, since February is sweeps month, CBS would want to promote the fact that William Petersen was going to “appear” in this episode. I don’t remember if they did when Jorja did her cameo from the Sea Shepherd though. I’m surprised they were able to keep the ending of “One To Go” secret.

    1. Some of us knew (yes, I knew) in advance, and were sworn to secrecy. This has precedent. But at this point, the cat’s out of the bag, so CTV and CBS should just give up.

  16. I would think that his “return” would boost ratings that have been down as of late. Heck, I even watched last night, and I hated that episode, just to see the previews. It would have really been worth the watch had CBS shown the clip that was aired on CTV!

    Oh, well, what is, simply is, or in this case, isn’t! 😉

  17. Watching the “official” promo makes me want to plant my shoe up Nick’s…….I’m sure you get the picture. What happened to the guy who helped save her life back at the start of Season 8? It looks like he’s enjoying her discomfort. I’ve always thought he was jealous of her closeness to Gil and maybe that what this is showing.

  18. Gosh i cant wait for this episode!! Poor Sara, this is gonna be difficult for her…And can anyone tell what did Nick say? didnt understand, sorry for my bad english 🙂

  19. Ok, where is this jaw-dropping tag?!! I need to make a line with it 😀 😆
    I was hoping to see some GSR in this episode, because I remember this article where Jorja said “I talked to Billy about this episode”. Maybe the Skipe video is the result of it? I can’t wait to read you’re comments 🙂

  20. Just watched this video and it is Grissom on the phone, this looks terrific, trust Hodges to get involved not the most tactful of people is he and it does look like Catherine getting caught up in an explosion, this just keeps getting better and better not that I want anything bad to happen to her. It’s 9.30pm GMT and I seem to have been tracking this story most of the day, don’t think I’ll get much done over the next week or so. 🙄

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