Dimitri Halkidis’ Awesome Jorja Photo

You’ll have to watch the video for it, and I already asked.   Jorja’s at the 30 second mark, right after Daisy Fuentes.  The photo’s not publicly available, so don’t pester him about that, and also please don’t scrape the photo and post it, out of respect to the photographer’s wishes.  Remember, we’re good people.  Do the right thing.

Credit: Dimitri Photography

7 thoughts on “Dimitri Halkidis’ Awesome Jorja Photo”

  1. Remarkable find. Jorja is almost unrecognizable. Kudos to a really talented shutterbug. And thanks for the copyright warning–you read my mind!

  2. I cant believe its her – she looks so different from the other pics in her ‘youth’. Still really cute though!

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