Super Hero - Ian Harvie's Standup Comedy Special Filming

Ian Harvie – Super Hero

Super Hero - Ian Harvie's Standup Comedy Special FilmingYou guys know how Jorja did the Ian Harvie Show and then was with him for his NoH8 performace (with Margaret Cho too)?  Well Ian asked me if I’d pass this along, and since he’s been one of my favorite comics since before Jorja did his show, I said “Hell yes!”

Ian’s a comedian, if you didn’t know, and he’s actually the first FTM (female-to-male) transgender comic. He’s funny as all get out and he has a week to make his goal! He’s already halfway there, so if you think he’s funny (and do watch the bit below), then consider tossing him $25. Hey, you’d blow it on coffee at Starbucks, right? I’d rather give him the money then that neat swag I was looking at.

His page is up at Kickstarter (which only charges you if the project is successful): Super Hero – Ian Harvie’s Standup Comedy Special Filming

Ian Harvie’s debut standup comedy special “SUPER HERO” is slated for filming in Harvie’s hometown, Saturday, January 7, 2012 at Portland Stage Company in downtown Portland, Maine.

Harvie will be wrapping up the last several years of his comedy writing into a collection titled “SUPER HERO”, made for television and film.

With equal parts candor and deadpan humor, Ian’s distinctive matter-of-fact delivery and almost surreal anecdotes about the intricacies of his exceptional life are so full of humanity that they become universal. Ian’s observations about gender-specific societal codes, privilege, coming out twice, and learning new bathroom etiquette, will have you peeing your pants and wanting to check your neighbor’s pants to see what’s inside.

He’s the world’s first FTM (female-to-male) transgender comic, put in context, make his anecdotes about his own phobia of public restrooms all the more side-splitting. Ian’s performance makes you think and wonder, but most importantly, it makes you laugh.

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