Jorja and Candice Azzara in “Food For The Heart”

Candice Azzara and Jorja, singing, in the movie “Food For The Heart”, posted to YouTube by Candy herself!

Don’t forget to check out Candy’s site atΒ as she also gave us this larger version of a picture we’ve had for ages:

10 thoughts on “Jorja and Candice Azzara in “Food For The Heart””

  1. This was a cute movie. Had it but it came in a two DVD set – one movie with WP and it wouldn’t play so had to send both of them back. Jorja was great as always.

    1. I have the dvd set. Its called ‘Before the Investigation’ and Billys film on the set was called Kingdom of the Blind. I love Food for the Heart, if I can remember correctly the writer of the book was impressed by the cast and film.

      1. Oh wow. They made a Box Set of movies with Jorja and Billy before they were on CSI? Hee! I bet they’ll never put ‘The Kill-Off’ in it though! πŸ˜€

  2. one movie with WP and it wouldn’t play

    You lost me on that one… Back when it first came out on DVD, they sent me 10 copies, so I had a ‘raffle’ for JFO. 10 random people out there got a free copy from me 😳

  3. The only DVD version I could find on amazon, ebay or in 2009 was the boxed set with In the Kingdom of the Blind, The One-Eyed Man Is King. Jorja’s movie is as good as Billy’s is bad. πŸ˜› In teensy print it says 2005.
    It even says “Before the Investigation” as I suppose they couldn’t put “CSI” on the cover. Petersen’s movie came out in 1995 and Food For the Heart in 1999 in case you were wondering.
    Love the scene “I feel…sexy.” Oh, you are, girl, you are… πŸ˜‰

    1. click ‘this’ above to see the pic. maybe its my computer but I cant see that its a clickable link. although the fact its 1:15am and Im pretty drunk may be clouding my judgement here…

      1. cool. the word didnt look a different colour to me but it did work when i clicked it. wasnt sure if everyone else could see to click it. cool. The pic made me laugh too. Do ya think they tried to photoshop it like Jorja was actually standing behind Billy? I like how they are trying to use the csi connection to make more money. think they were also reaching out to the GSR fans. I woulda bought the film for Jorja anyway having Billys film as an extra sealed the deal! Wish they had chosen better pics though!

      2. I’m happy to report that we can once again buy “Food for the Heart” at Amazon from their marketplace sellers. I have never been cheated by any of these sellers so I recommend purchasing from them. Stick to the buyers who have many thousands of sales and a rating of at least 90% or higher. And look for “factory sealed”.

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