Kickstart Failure For HIBAE, But…

Lucy grabbed the football, and How I Became An Elephant didn’t raise what they needed on Kickstarter.  This means if you donated, you money came back.  Knowing this, the folks working on the film came up with more options for you to donate anyway.  I’ve already sent my donation back in, this time via PayPal.

We want you to stay with us on this road to elephant liberation, so we’ve designed 2 other ways for you to contribute to the completion of the film. Go to our website – – and click on “Donate Now” or on the “Facebook Cause” link ( ). They are both on the right side of the homepage. We will include you in the film credits based on a similar tier system to our Kickstarter campaign. Smaller donations will receive “Special Thanks” in the film and a download link when the film is available online. Larger donors (depending on amount) will receive associate producer or producer credits – . We will also make every effort to fulfill our other pledge perks from Kickstarter. A great example is Jennifer Wright of Green Shift Canada who pledged to complete the music score. She agreed to donate directly to our account (which, I might add, is better for us because Kickstarter takes a percentage). She and her company are both credited in the film. See “Film Credits” under “The Film” link on our homepage.

So since your money came back, how about giving it away again!

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