Melinda Clarke On Set With Jorja

First, yes @TheRealMsClarke is Melinda Clarke (aka Lady Heather, or rather Dr. Lady Heather, to you).

Secondly, wishes do come true. She tweeted “On set of CSI working with Mr. Fishburne and Ms. Fox….what a treat!”

On set of CSI working with Mr. Fishburne and Ms. Fox....what a treat!

Credit: @TheRealMsClarke

Here’s hoping she can tweet pictures for us!

15 thoughts on “Melinda Clarke On Set With Jorja”

    1. April. It’s filming RIGHT now.

      This week is “The List”, then it’s a couple weeks of no CSI, then April 7th (at the EARLIEST), we get Hitting The Cycle. Week after that is the SOONEST we would see “Unleashed”.

  1. I am so excited about this episode & can’t wait to see Heather & Sara interact in this one. I’m guessing kinda like a role reversal of Leave out all the rest with Grissom going to Heather with a case, Sara doing the same.

    I wonder if the writers will torment us all at this prime opportunity, with that nagging unanswered question a lot of GSR fans would love to know ‘Did they, or didn’t they have a relationship/sleep together/ have sex’? but if they do, I’ve got money on it being left ambiguous yet again.

    Personally i love the LH Character & think she has been a great addition to CSI and the whole GSR saga.

  2. I get that they left it ambiguous but if Grissom was all upset about things with Sara and didn’t feel the relationship was over, (not to mention he ends up going after her not too much later, right?) would he really have slept with LH?

    And, if he DID, does Sara know? SO MANY QUESTIONS!

    1. I think Grissom just doesn’t (didn’t?) get that you cannot have ex’s as ‘friends’. Well, very rarely can you. Invariably, the current person you are dating will get unhappy about the ex being around. I don’t know if it’s insecurity, but in almost every relationship I’ve seen, the current partner gets irked about the ex being around. Works that way for all genders.

      I would LOVE to see Sara moved past all that. Just be “Oh, hi, Heather.” and move on. Or even “We need a therapist who is all smart with weird sex shit? I’ll call Gil’s ex, Heather!” just stun everyone by being cool with it 😀

      1. But Sara didn’t know about what’s her name…Marlee Matlin’s character (Julia?), so if there *is* anything to know about Girssom and LH, it’s just kind of interesting to ponder whether she knows about it. Can you just imagine the fallout if LH says anything like what Julia said to Sara and Sara didn’t know about that either?

        On that note, given her reaction to Julia, I’m slightly skeptical of her ability to be cool with LH. Can April get here fast enough?? 😀

        I might be rusty on my CSI history here so if anyone can make the whole situation more clear, please do. In my utter hatred of LH as a threat to GSR, I kind of avoid all of their scenes like the plague! T

  3. I think Sara will be cool about it. With Julia, she had been surprised, but she actually kept herself together very well. I guess she was feeling a bit insecure during TTMG, but I think that was because of all the speculation surrounding her marriage, not because of Julia. Sara handled Heather just fine during The Good, The Bad and The Dominatrix, and things weren’t as good as they are today.

  4. Im just thinking (probably wishful thinking!). Grissom said that sex without love makes you sad. I dont believe he knew LH enough or liked her enough to love her. Therefore I believe that they didnt have sex it was just a really odd, wierd, bizarre flirty friendship they had. Please let this be the last we see of her. I just dont get why she keeps appearing!

  5. Concordo com vc Jem! acho que os sentimentos de Grissom por LH não é ou foi amor, e sim amizade, além do mais nunca soubemos se ele fez sexo com ela, tdo que sabemos é que ele dormio na casa dela. Sexo com amor só com a nossa querida Sara. I LOVE SARA e GRISSOM, FOREVER!!

    1. Glad you agree Simone. I think it was a friendship and nothing more. Grissom was interested in her… not sure how to put it… odd nature? I think he slept at LH because he was lonely. It was probably getting harder and harder to sleep in a house full of memories of someone you love all by yourself. I think he wanted to speak to a friend outwith work who didnt really know Sara. He was looking for a non bias opinion perhaps?

      1. Jem, I think you gave the ultimate explanation of Grissom and Lady Heather’s relationship with the “sex without love” quote from “Ending Happy”. Nicely done!!!

        I wish we had an Applause icon. 🙂

      2. aww you’re making me blush 😀 Im hoping this eppy will confirm that he didnt sleep with LH but I dont think the episode will go down this route like it did with TTMG. I also think the writers dont want us to know the truth. Im sure Jorja once said that the GSR will always have an air of mystery to it – Im sure LH involvement will be one of these mysteries! Prove me wrong writers!

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