Winter Fundraiser Success!

If I was better at graphics I’d make one that has a big honkin’ $750 on it. I’m not, so you get a picture of Jorja the Pig saying thanks.

So I think CrowdRise was a success, in that the money goes right up where it’s needed without me juggling PayPal stuff, or you guys having to worry about PayPal, which has always been an issue. So Animal Acres gets money (a little less than $750 actually, I think it’s closer to $700, which is STILL more than PayPal deducts!) and we get to thank CrowdRise for their service!

Of course, and thank you. With all my heart. The community is what makes all this worthwhile to me! Well … that and meeting Jorja. That was pretty cool.

2 thoughts on “Winter Fundraiser Success!”

  1. That’s sooooo wonderfull 🙂 What else can I say 💡 YOU ARE VERY WELCOME!……and please stop teasing us about meeting Jorja :twisted:…….that’s a Joke 😉 YOU ROCK! But you know that alredy, don’t you 👿

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