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TV|Line on CSI? Not all that much about Jorja, but there she is in the picture.

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In the final moments of the finale, Russell’s granddaughter was kidnapped by the folks doing McKeen’s bidding, Morgan’s father was shot, Nick quit and Finlay found herself getting dangerously close to a detective with a hidden agenda.


Executive producer Don McGill describes the season opener as Cape Fear-like, with the normally zen Russell “pushed right to the edge” by recent events. “By the end of the teaser, you will see something we never thought we’d see, and that is D.B. Russell ripping his crime novels off the shelf to reveal a safe in the wall,” previews the EP. “He’ll open it up and pull a gun out.” Meanwhile, Nick is MIA and possibly hurt – “When we first see him in the episode, the audience will think… we may be seeing the last of Nick Stokes,” teases McGill – and Finlay is onto Detective Crenshaw’s bad intentions. “Finlay’s not so naïve,” the EP assures us. “She figures out that she’s in the arms of the enemy. But what she’ll do with that knowledge is the interesting part of the premiere.”


A re-opened cold case from Finlay’s past in Seattle will reignite her over-zealousness – and introduce someone close to her. “[She] will be taking a lead and getting herself in trouble not just with the authorities, but also her ex-husband, whom we’ll discover is a cop in Seattle,” reveals McGill.


Wednesday, Sept. 26 at 10/9c (CBS)

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