Film Snobbery Interview

Film Snobbery Interview with Jorja Fox

Film Snobbery InterviewA brief red-carpet interview (6 and a half minutes isn’t too brief) at the First Glance Film Festival, where she talks about why she loves the big animals, her concerns for their habitats, and where she hopes the movie ends up.

Talented actress Jorja Fox (CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, The West Wing) talks with Brian Rodda on the red carpet about her role in producing the new documentary HOW I BECAME AN ELEPHANT.

It’s awesome to think this may become as popular as The Cove!

6 thoughts on “Film Snobbery Interview with Jorja Fox”

  1. Jorja did such a nice job, but I can’t get over the interviewer. He was awful!

  2. Mad props to Jorja for managing to get through this interview….
    I wanted to:
    A. Hug this dude.
    2. Help him with the new job hunt.
    D. Actually get to see this film. Philadelphia!? I would have skipped my BioTrace final for a four hour road trip!

  3. Uh… The Brian Rodda guy looked constipated for most of this interview. It made me feel uncomfortable.

  4. I wonder if this guy was star-struck or just not prepared for this interview.
    Jorja was great though, she was really attentive when he spoke.
    Great message from Jorja!
    The only question I loved that he posed was:”Where can we find you?”
    That alone I would say, Great job on the interview, buddy!

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