Mystery Woman

Laura Sidle

First we found out Sara would be suspected of murder. And finally we had some confirmation that her mother was showing up. Personally I was starting to consider maybe the worldΒ was ending.

So here’s the question for the end of 2012. Who should play Laura Sidle? I listened to your comments, tweets, FB remarks, and emails, and here’s the unscientific top four contestants!

Place your votes, but remember this is just for fun.

24 thoughts on “Laura Sidle”

    1. Sure… why not from Brothers and Sisters to CSI…. πŸ™‚ yeah obviously the hair would need to be darker…. unless she dyed it πŸ˜› alas if I can’t cover up my balding why would I color the gray???

  1. Sally Fields is kind of busy these days with Lincoln out and her brilliant performance in it.
    Kathy Bates brilliant but no.
    Sigourney Weaver interesting but doesn’t get me excited.
    Mary Sternburgen would just be stunt casting, get Ted’s wife she garner some attention.

    My casting pick would be Sissy Spacek.

  2. personally I voted for Sally Field she’ll be awesome for that role but It was my imagination or Jorja said one time that she would pick Susan Sarandon for play the role of her mother she would be great too.

  3. As much as I love Sally Field (especially as Abby’s Mother in ER) the height difference between her and Jorja is dramatic!

    Like the new Layout Ipstenu – It means I can read it alot clearer on my phone too – as before any Twitter quotes were missing half the lines!

    1. Maybe Sara’s dad was a giant?

      (Glad you like the layout. Most the reason behind it was the site looked horrible on my iPad and iPhone! I’m getting the mobile versions of the gallery and wiki finished up now.)

      1. SOOO glad the website has changed! I’m always on here with my iPhone & it looked awful before, but fabulous now! Love it!!

  4. Sara’s mother had a couple of issues I mean she had drugs problem and so on, I picture her as a skinny tall woman, psycho look maybe πŸ˜‰

  5. Sissy Spacek–I had not thought of her–but she played a great old lady crazy but sharp in “The Help”. But even before Ted D, I thought Mary S would be great for Sara’s mother!

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