Jorja’s Speech at Marg’s Star Ceremony – Video and Transcription

And a transcription:

Jorja Fox: Hello! Hi, I’m the one who’s going to have to read everything, as Marg knows.

Marg Helgenberger: It’s what you do.

Jorja Fox: Yeah. I’m so happy for you. I had the very good fortune of meeting Marg Helgenberger in July of 2000, just as we were embarking on what would prove to be one of the signature adventures of our lives. Over the course of these last twelve years, we’ve shared some of the best and most exciting times a person can have. It’s been kind of like riding one of those magic carpet rides that you read about when you were a kid. We were blessed. We won the number one show in the world title again last year. There’s been mountains of accolades, parties, trips, award nominations, awards, critical acclaim, magazine covers, games, museum exhibits, dolls, and there’s been lots of very, very, hard work. Sometimes in the dark, or the cold, or the rain [laughter].

There’s been loss, too. Loss of partnerships, both professional and personal. Loss of beloved pets, loss of our younger selves. And the toughest, of course, loss of loved ones along the way. Through it all, Marg’s been an unshakable rock, a fearless leader, a devoted cheerleader, and very often the brains of our operations. Marg sets the bar sky scraper high for the rest of us, without making us feel small. She can wade through a landfill in the morning, and slip into an evening gown by dinner time without missing a single beat. She’s tough as nails, smooth as silk, easy like Sunday morning, and steady as she goes.

I think she’s touched every single person she’s met along the way. She’s generous, she’s giving, and she’s an amazing listener, wether she’s hanging with old coast executives at a swanky event or hanging out in a ditch somewhere with our unseen, heroic, crew, or hanging out in a hospital with women who’ve been struck with breast cancer.

Now, I know I don’t have to tell you how talented Marg Helgenberger is. Her craftsmanship is legendary and very well documented. But I will gloat for a minute about getting to watch her perform on a daily basis. She lights up any corner of the world that she’s in, and brings an authenticity and intimacy to every scene that she does that is simply dazzling to watch. Speaking for your CSI tribe today, and there are many of us that are here. Give yourselves a shout out! We love you. We’re SO going to miss working with you in the near future. And we wish you the absolute best going forward at everything you do. I, for one, am willing to wager a large, Vegas, bet that this is just Marg’s Professional Halftime Show. After all, you do have to stop and smell the roses.

We have a pretty epic football pool at work. When the guys need help with their picks, Marg is the first person that they ask. Marg’s also the first person the guys ask to dance at our seasonal parties. Marg is anΒ anomaly. She’s a broad, she’s a dame, and she’s a lady. And I am very proud to call her my friend.

Congrats, Marg, Hollywood Boulevard’s going to shine even brighter tonight, now that you are a fixture on the scene.

And there you go!

14 thoughts on “Jorja’s Speech at Marg’s Star Ceremony – Video and Transcription”

  1. I am so grateful whenever you post a transcript too. I have no audio and it gets old trying to read lips or figure out what everyone is laughing at! πŸ˜† So big thanks from me for doing that service. You rock.

    1. I have many hard of hearing friends (my grandmothers too!) so I’m used to transcribing. Of course, now they’re both nearly blind. πŸ˜›

  2. Yeah that’s what I thought she said… THX for transcription, I needed it… sometimes it is hard to understand fast speech, but Jorja did great and Marg, so cool, even though she seems to have a hard time leaving CSI team. πŸ™‚

  3. Not to be that annoying nit-picky person, but in this part: “But I will glow for a minute about getting to watch her perform on a daily basis.” Are you sure she’s saying “glow” and not “gloat”? Cuz I hear gloat myself.

    Well, regardless of whether she is glowing or gloating, this was such a sweet speech, and makes me wonder why it took so long to get the video of it because, and I may be biased, but I say it was way better than Dana Delany!

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