Photos (To Cheer You Up)

Well, CSI may be over, but there are some ‘new’ photos out there. Some are from Jorja on Facebook, others from our Eagle Eyed Jorja Fan.

Green with Glamour

Green with Glamour

Jorja’s Facebook Page

Photos Jorja posted on her Facebook page: JORJAFOXWORLDWIDE.

Profile Picture The Open Road The Open Road The Open Road The Open Road

Three Weeks to Daytona

A couple posters that are very similar, but not the same. The movie should come out on DVD this summer, if everything goes well.

poster2 poster3

I already have some more photos too!

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  1. Love the picture you opened this with Ipstenu. It is really sweet. Belated congrates on your spouse. Civil Partnerships are what happens in the UK to make things as legal and fair as marriage.So we still do not have marriage for same sex couples. I do not think it will happen soon as there seem so many on the agenda over here but that.

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