Silent River Film Festival

River Advent Award

Jorja’s a busy advocate! Not only does she get an award on the 13th for being a Lion Hero, but on the 14th, the Silent River Film Festival will be presenting her with the “River Advent Award” for her work as producer in “How I Became an Elephant”.

Given to the Best First Time Feature Director Film
Directors in General Category, Eastern Filmmaker Category and Women Filmmaker Category compete for the River Advent Award.

As a reminder, you can keep track of all the various showings of How I Became an Elephant at their site:ย

Also check out Silent River on Facebook,ย where pictures of Jorja may show up.

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  1. Warmest congratulations to our gal but I’m still waiting for the Genesis Awards to honor Jorja. ๐Ÿ˜•

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