Another Day, Another GSR Mug?

So they’re filming episode three starting tomorrow. And the writers room stepped up to show off the whiteboard of planning (don’t read it if you don’t want spoilers) and to show off a new mug.

Why the GSR mug, though? How … weird.When asked, they replied:


Those are their favorite mugs? I just don’t know anymore.

19 thoughts on “Another Day, Another GSR Mug?”

    1. I agree. I could never be done w/ believing & hoping GSR will make it, but now, now I feel like they’re taking enjoyment out of our suffering. Not cool.
      I love the mugs, but, but…. This isn’t funny anymore. (Not that it ever has been)
      I do hope the mugs are good signs though.

  1. Is this their way of trying to foreshadow/tell us something? All I have to say is I sure hope so… O.o

  2. That mug looks new different to the other one- what are the writers room up to seriously it just bugs the hell out of me is this done for ratings or are they hinting that there going to fix up the mess with GSR thing- am sure they wouldn’t be short mugs so why take photo of it

  3. Mean, mean, mean. It’s either rubbing it in our faces or foreshadowing something. It can’t just be their “favorite” mugs. Pshhh 😐 😛 😥

  4. Oh my! This is really salt in the wound… 😐 I’m now convinced that GSR will have it’s solution and I think very positive one. It would just be wrong after all those years to break them up. Still I think Sara would be much happier with someone else, but she loves G too much to get over it… So i think we will see GSR happy ending. 🙄

  5. There’s no way that’s coincidental. Either a cruel joke or a clue. I mean, why have a mug in the picture at all?

  6. Just the thought…. What if TPTB read it in different way we do? I mean G=gun S=shot R=residue? It would be a cruel thing to do to us ….

    I don’t believe in a our-favourite-mug story … Why this kind of mugs anyway?? They gotta know what they mean to all GSR team, don’t they?

  7. I love the fact that they are using the mugs. I hope it’s not to be cruel; that would be way too mean spirited, and I can’t believe they are that cruel. They know how the breakup affected us.
    So, this does give me a glimmer of hope. And at least they are addressing the GSR fans. Now, if we could just see something hopeful on screen…..

  8. Gilandsara4ever

    I love that they are tweeting so much about this season. The pics with gsr mugs are great unless they are just toying with us. Then it’s just mean and cruel :/

    1. Will only happen if Peterson comes back for some episodeds,I hope they fix it up,it’s a big mess there maded

    1. No one knows about Season 15 (don’t bother asking until 2014 – usually we don’t find out until March at the earliest).

      This season, which you should keep track of at by the way, Jorja is expected to be in 18 of the 22 episodes.

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