CBS Summer Soiree

I knew this was last night, and I was so freaking exhausted from my trip (the tl;dr is that my grandmother broke her leg and is in the hospital still), that I was passed out in bed at 8:45pm yesterday.

I feel more awake now, so let’s all enjoy new pictures of the CBS 2013 Summer Soiree!

12 thoughts on “CBS Summer Soiree”

  1. She looks incredibly gorgeous! I love this hairstyle, she looks much younger… 🙂

  2. I loved the pic with marg 😀 and she does look great, loved her new hairstyle ➡

  3. Whoa! Jorja just became more hotter with that new hairstyle look of hers or just me? 🙂 and its great to see Marg reunited with her old csi cast members 🙂

      1. Unless Jorja has discovered the fountain of youth, she looks so very stunning 😀 Yeah I gotta agree with you that she does de-ages herself when shes not playing Sara on CSI however she does look good in any outfits 🙂

  4. I was about to check twitter last night, but I gave up….. What the hell was I thinking??? 😡 Next time I’ll follow my gut and won’t let go…

    Jorja looks stunning as always, and the new hairstyle is just georgeous 🙂 She looks so much younger and fresh 😉

  5. Parece que o assunto mais comentado foi o cabelo dela. Lindo, claro que deixou ela mais jovem. Arrasou, Jorja! 😉

  6. Jorja looks G O R G E O U S.!!!!!!! 😀 That new hairstyle makes her look younger, fresh, and..well..more beautiful than she already is 🙂
    It’s great to see the three of them together! I wish them all a very relaxing and well deserved Summer break!

  7. Jorja looks like DY-NO-MITE! Great hair style. She looks like she’ll be 25 on July 7th and not 45. 😉

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