“Forget Me Not” Airs in the UK

The first airing of “Forget Me Not” hits the UK, and Radio Times ain’t shy about who they root for.

It’s not unheard of in the annals of crime drama for a member of a tight-knit law-enforcement team suddenly to find the tables turned. One of our heroes is a murder suspect themselves. How will they prove their innocence?

Tonight these classic woes befall poor Sara Sidle when a man chats her up in a hotel dining room and is then found dead the next day, with Sara’s hair in his shower drain. It couldn’t have come at a worse time, either — she’s already unbalanced by the latest twists in her relationship with king-over-the-water Gil Grissom. All her colleagues are treating her like a liar. Nice to know who your friends are.


15/22. Sara celebrates her birthday in a hotel with recent acquaintance Taylor Wynard, who is found dead the next morning having been stabbed with a steak knife. After Finn sends her home to get some rest, Sara gets the shock of her life when she opens her dishwasher and finds the murder weapon inside, while the team discovers a necklace belonging to her behind the victim’s bed and records from her key card indicate she didn’t return to her room when she said she did. Drama, starring Jorja Fox.

Source: Radio Times

Staring Jorja Fox, indeed. Enjoy it, UK!

18 thoughts on ““Forget Me Not” Airs in the UK”

  1. “Nice to know who your friends are.” I’m sad to say was exactly my same thought!
    Thankfully Nicky came through for her and us in the end. But still… I was like are they serious?!
    I was with Sara…. when she said something like “what do you mean ‘if’ Nick?!” :/

      1. Gilandsara4ever

        Are most people in agreement that as much as we love sara, she still technically cheated on Gil 🙁 I mean as much as it pains me to say it, she did kiss Taylor. And her and Gil aren’t divorced… Or is this the age old “friends” situation with Ross and Rachel where they were on a “break”?

      2. Generally if a couple has begun divorce proceedings, it’s not considered cheating. Given that Sara was the Other Woman (with Hank) I doubt she’d do that to Grissom, no matter how mad she was.

  2. You’re so lucky in UK! I’m afraid it will air here in Prague in 2014/15 (when we’re lucky) 😕 😆

    1. We’ve had it in Poland already but the translation and lecturer were soooo bad that the show was completely different… 🙁 no emotions at all. I am glad I understand English…. Hope in Prague it will be better 😉

      1. Well, you’re not lucky with TV shows either, I see 😕 … Sorry to hear that… And thank you, hoping in Poland flood won’t be as bad as here or Germany… 😉

      2. That’s why I choose online shows in original 🙂 And as for flood in my region there is peace and quiet but I heard near the Chech or German boarder there is not fun ….

        btw I’ve been to Prague two weeks ago 🙂 I loved it there 🙂

      3. Let’s hope it will stop raining… 😉 And I’ve been to Krakow few months ago, extraordinary… I loved that place 🙂

  3. ive been waiting for this for ages and im recording it in HD, this is the episode i have been waiting for !

  4. Penso que não foi traição, porque quando Grissom disse para Lady Heather ficar aquela noite, ninguém entendeu como uma traição. Então porque com a Sara seria diferente? Confio nela.

    Desculpe, apenas entendo Português ( Brasil).

      1. Gilandsara4ever

        Didn’t billy p. in an interview at one point say he doesn’t believe that Gil ever slept with heather???

      2. 🙁 and what about that 2 part Earopean adventure he talked about? Or a CSI movie? Yeah…
        But still I don’t think they slept together. He was missing Sara, not mad at her. Not that he would if he was mad at her, but still. Why would he sleep w/ her when he’s missing Sara & wants to marry her?

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