CSI 13×21 “Ghost of the Past” Promo

Sorry about the promo quality. I’m not sure what’s going on with CBS, since they suddenly pulled their promos and sneak peeks off of the web for “Fearless” (they worked Thursday last). Not allowing us to be able to embed the video makes no sense since we’re advertising their show for them… I don’t know what they’re smoking.

9 thoughts on “CSI 13×21 “Ghost of the Past” Promo”

  1. Who can we call… Ghostbuster! Looks scary! I wonder how you get trace from a ghost

  2. im pretty pumped for this episode it looks good! ans this is the first time canada has a csi promo after csi in over a year. 😎

      1. ever since the two mrs grissoms promo we only get like two or three promos a season 🙁

  3. Isso é bom não é.. é legal o suficiente, a final acho que vai ser o melhor final de temporada da historia de Csi. 🙂 😉

  4. I am not sure if anyone else has noticed this but CBS has hardly been promoting CSI anymore and I rarely see there commercials. This is a shocker since we are in sweeps weeks. I guess they really do not care about the show. 🙁

  5. look, I do not blame CBS for it .. maybe a little more you guys do nothing to increase the audience, is easy until just send everyone watching, viseinhos, fmilias friends … more fassam something right. I would if I were in the United States and the assistise Cbs, unfortunately I can not do that. Mia s when csi spent here in Brazil by the issuer Record I did it .. in order, bay

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