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CSI 13×21 “Ghost of the Past” Discussion Post

Ghost of the Past“Ghosts of the Past” — The CSI team investigates the death of a ghost hunter, on CSI: CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION, Wednesday, May 8 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.


I think CBS is ‘restructuring’ how they do videos, as they’re starting to make things embedable again from their site. That does mean whenever possible I’ll be using their video (legal reasons). If I can, I’ll have a ‘can’t see the video?’ link for non-US folks. Doing my best by ya!

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    1. Lili Illescas

      Apparently, no she’s not going to be 🙁 in the next episode, but not for the reason that I would like
      I liked this episode

    2. Having been spoiled now, it’s definitely weird but there’s a lot of reasons they might run this story along. Or they just needed a random reason to write her out of the finale. Either way, we’ll see how it goes. The initial CSI files article said the stories they introduced this season would have impacts next season, so I’m going along with that.

      But for as blood pressure rising as this season has been overall, I think I’ll be glad for a couple of months to relax. 😉

  1. Lol. Henry gritando no final com certeza quer dizer que ele vai aparecer bastante no episódio. E sobre Jorja? Se eu pudesse prever, acho que teriamos umas tres estrelas pra ela. Não sei porque mas não acho que ela seja muito principal e nem fique de fora nesse episódio. Parece tenso. Mal posso esperar.

  2. Creepiest episode yet 😕 We have to get closure on this whole Sara-going-to-San Francisco- thing, right? They cant just leave it there. Though knowing the writers they are probably gonna leave us hanging 😕

      1. We have been set up many times through the years with no payoff. I suspect it was just a way to explain why Sara is not in the last episode of the season. She has been highlighted in so many episodes this year (or it feels that way anyway) so it really is odd she is not in the finale. They could have found some way to film even a small scene to stick her in there for Sara fans so it is a bit odd. Perhaps asking DB for a few days off is a parallel to Jorja asking TPTB for a few days off to do something that happened to coincide with filming the final episode.

  3. “Underwhelming” doesn’t begin to describe it for me. Lame end of season for Sara. This is the show that talks about the importance of closure. WTF.
    I wish I hadn’t seen this season.

    1. Really? I rather enjoyed this season. I like the wind up and the crazy, but then again, I do watch it from the “Does it get Jorja more appreciation for her work?” POV still.

      I liked the episode. We had two Sara Does Science scenes, a shout out to her past and a vegetarian quip. And with the setup of SF, I’m crossing my fingers for some good payoff later.

      1. It’s a combination of things that make me say that- amount of weak/dull casefiles, TPTB’s insistence on making virtually every episode “personal”, pushing storylines that many viewers expressed no interest in(like Morgan’s love life) and of course wrecking one thing that a lot of fans DO care about and leave it hanging mid-air without any closure at the end of the season.

  4. I’m only 18 minutes in and I think I’m going to like this, but, random comment: I have gone from not liking Finn to loving her and even more than that, loving her and Sara’s relationship and how they work together. Major kudos to the writers, to Jorja, and to Elisabeth for making that happen.

    1. I once commented that Jorja has chemistry with everyone, but I’m liking Finn now. They stopped ramming her down everyone’s throat and just made her a person and it was all fine.

  5. Some quick thoughts and then I’m going to disappear back into the novel that I’m working on.

    It wasn’t an overall amazing, knock it out of the ep, but it was a solid casefile and I can’t complain about it and I really didn’t expect the twist at the end. The creepy kid sounds, the stuff with Henry and Hodges was fantastic, and I also loved the final scene with Greg’s locker flying open.

    In the Jorja world – I love Finn and Sara’s relationship more and more, I love how DB and Sara are with each other. And I really think they’re setting up something for next season regarding San Francisco. Whether it’s romantic with Doug, or simply just a new storyline for Sara, it’ll be interesting to see what happens.

    As for the rest of the show (I don’t watch just for Jorja) and with the exception of Nick’s storyline which seems to have been dropped a bit this season, everything has done well for me. This could almost be a season finale – so we’ll see how things flow in the next episode. It looks interesting and I have a special place in my heart for Brass.

    As for Sara heading off to San Francisco … again, we’ll see.

    I’m going to say this here since we know Jorja isn’t in the season finale –

    Even with the Grissom/Sara stuff, the lack of closure really with Nick’s start to the season, and the feeling that there is just more to come with both of these issues and Sara jetting off to San Francisco, I’ve really enjoyed season 13. (Well, except for Hodges and whatshername but even that has kind of grown on me.) Season 12 felt a lot like season 5 to me, and so far season 13 has felt a lot like season 6. So we’ll see what happens with season 14.

    And hopefully … we’ll get some of that much needed closure. No matter how anything turns out. 🙂

    I know I rambled and probably didn’t make much sense, but this book draft has kind of broken my sense of logic.

    Until later, lovelies.


  6. Haven’t seen it yet – won’t get the chance until tonight. Does it say that she goes to SF specifically to see Doug!? 😕

      1. Thanks for that. Shauna mentioned Doug in her comment and i instantly spiralled into a pit of despair – you’re a naughty girl Shauna!

  7. Mika,
    No episódio anterior Hodges falou sobre romance no trabalho e Sara disse que não sabia nada sobre isso. E agora em SF ela vai ter ROMANCE no local de trabalho?

    1. E a conversa depois sobre boas lembranças, mas seguir em frente, é isso que Sara vai fazer agora???

    2. Just as a reminder, this is an English website.

      Yes, last week Sara said she knew nothing about office romances. She was probably joking. This trip to SF is not about romance, she is clearly going for business.

  8. Oque ela esta indo para São Francisco e não volta mais ? ( What do she is going to San Francisco and never return?).

  9. I think if Finn got an episode practically to herself in Seattle, it’s only fair that Sara has one in San Francisco. Next season. I’m sad that it looks like she won’t be in the finale, she’s been in every one except when Jorja was on her hiatus.
    It could be a nostalgic trip, maybe seeing old friends (NOT Doug, like Ipstenu said) though after 14 years her old crime lab has probably been through as many staff changes as the one in Las Vegas.
    Of course I would like to see Sara showcased in every episode, and have the show re-named CSI Sara Sidle, but that’s just me 😀

  10. I’d love a SF episode if it meant more GSR exposition. Maybe Sara realizing what she had and what she apparently ‘lost’…or not. Maybe realizing she needs to fight for it…again. I’ve imagined a SF GSR ep for so long, I just don’t think I would be interested in one without Grissom. And I honestly don’t mind Doug, but only if he is used as a tool to bring Sara and Grissom back together. Sorry, but I just don’t see Sara in a relationship with anyone other than Grissom. I’ve been programmed for too many years to see them as a couple that survives all odds, anything and everything that the writers of procedural tv throw at them.

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