Screening of “How I Became an Elephant” in Los Angeles, Aug. 3rd

A screening of How I Became an Elephant will be held at Franklin D. Roosevelt Park on Saturday, August 3rd, 2013.

7:45pm Food & Drink

8:15pm Screening of How I Became an Elephant

After the screening:

–  a Q & A with the producer Jorja Fox (from CSI) and Juliette West (the star of the film).
– a special Prize draw with lots of exciting raffle prizes


HUGE gift basket worth $250.

Franklin D. Roosevelt Park
7600 Graham Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90001

8 thoughts on “Screening of “How I Became an Elephant” in Los Angeles, Aug. 3rd”

  1. Helly Bradley-Wyatt

    I really wish Jorja ➡ would bring this to the UK personally, and I could guarantee being there!! 💡

      1. But this is confirmed, right? Because I can’t find any information on it on the film’s website or anything. I want to go, but driving down that way would take some time and I don’t want to do it if it’s not official. Driving L.A. sucks enough as it is. 😛


      2. You know what it was I didn’t scroll down far enough. I was looking at the physical calendar, not the listing below. 😛 Idiot me! Thanks!

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