Jorja Fox In Parade

Jorja was interviewed by Michele C. Hollow for Parade magazine, and talked about her animal advocacy, among other things.

A Long Time Love Affair with Animals
Born in New York City, Jorja moved with her family to Melbourne Beach, FL, when she was about three. “It’s a barrier island, and there was a lot more wildlife back then than there is now,” she laments. “You could see dolphins in the ocean, sea turtles, and even alligators. It was the wilderness for my parents, who are both from New York.”

“I learned a lot about conservation from my grandmother, and my family always cared about animals,” she adds. “Caring for the environment impacts all of us—people and animals. We had a family dog, and lots of wildlife around us, which I grew to appreciate.”

Today, she has a three-year old rescue dog, which she says, “is the most brilliant dog in the world.”

Check out the full article at CSI‘s Jorja Fox on Animal Advocacy on TV and in Real Life 

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