Jorja Presenting Lion Ark Film In Mill Valley

story_wide-1380531259Jorja will introduce Lion Ark at two screenings during the Mill Valley Film Festival (in Mill Valley California), October 5th at 2pm and 8th at 3pm, with a Q and A afterwards (plus some cool pictures and behind the scenes stuff). On the 5th, she will host an After Party.  You can get tickets for the screenings at the Mill Valley Film Festival Sales Page, and the After Party at the Lion Ark Sales Page.

Tickets for the screenings are $14, and the party is $70.

For more info and to see the trailer, check out

Check out a pre-review at TV & Film Review (warning: you may cry while watching this movie)

3 thoughts on “Jorja Presenting Lion Ark Film In Mill Valley”

  1. Helly Bradley-Wyatt

    I wish I could afford to and fly to California for this and go to the after party! Another example of Jorja’s altruistic and passionate nature! I really wish she would come over to the UK and do the same thing! Yes I am jealous of those attending in California! 😈 😐

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