‘Lion Ark’ Movie Hits Film Festivals Soon

Lion Ark will be screened at film festivals and special events during the second half of 2013. The movie was finished in April, and could be on the circuit as soon as June.

You can watch the trailer below, but I need to remind you that this will make you cry at how inhumanely people treat these animals. It just hurts to watch.

Keep up with the news at Lion Ark: The Movie.

3 thoughts on “‘Lion Ark’ Movie Hits Film Festivals Soon”

  1. *-* Eu simplesmente não consegui parar de ver. É mesmo horrível ver como tem pessoas que não se importam em maltratar esses animais. É tão simples, são vidas, são seres vivos! Como eles conseguem ver facilidade em destruir vidas como as deles mesmos? 🙁 😥 😕 😐 😳 😯
    (I just could not stop watching. It’s really horrible to see how there are people who do not mind abusing these animals. It’s so simple, they are lives, are living beings! As they can see how easy to destroy lives, like themselves?)

  2. OMG . That kind of human being disgust me, I still do not understand how people can do this to animals that are before us on earth .

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