Media Access Awards (2007)

Maggie Doyle’s Brother

Unlike Sara Sidle’s mysterious brother, Maggie Doyle from ER not only had a brother, but we saw him on screen! Maggie’s brother, Jimmy, had Downs Syndrome, and when a patient with Downs is in the ER (in the episode Faith), Maggie brings Jimmy over to keep her company.

So here’s some fun for you. Blair Williamson played Jimmy. Back in 2012, Jorja was at the Media Access Awards. So was Blair! They met up and had a photo taken with Blair’s girlfriend, Susie. What’s the fun? Well in addition to ER, Blair was in the CSI episode Snuff (he was the B case that Grissom worked on).

Media Access Awards (2007)

4 thoughts on “Maggie Doyle’s Brother”

  1. This made me smile on this very dreary Monday morning. 🙂 I’d forgotten about that storyline on ER but it was yet another reason I really loved Maggie’s character. They did SO much with her in the few eps she was in. They could have done so much more.

  2. Great photo! I remember the CSI episode with him in it. My eldest grandson has Downs and I thought the way it was handled by Grissom was great.

  3. This is so lovely, made me smile! 😀 I don`t remember the episode he was in on E.R , does anyone know? I remeber him on csi though! 😉

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