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103885_d000810b “Passed Pawns” — The CSI team investigates the death of a homeless man who had a huge winning streak at a small casino, on CSI: CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION, Wednesday, Oct. 30 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Peri Gilpin returns as Barbara Russell. Matt Davis guest stars as day shift CSI Sean Yeager.

Jorja is in this episode, but only one scene … and only if that wasn’t cut. This is logical, since she was in pretty much every scene last week (yikes!). So because of the limited scenage, we don’t have any videos at this point.

Make up your own reasons why Jorja’s not in a lot of the episode, and spill them in the comments!

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  1. My reasoning: well, when Sara came back to Vegas three years ago (four now?) she and Grissom were waiting on a grant to get funded. That funding seems to have stalled thanks to the economy crashing but every year she still pulls together financial documents to send in regarding the grant because they are still on a waiting list. So she’s spent the last week or so dealing with that and trying to corral her estranged husband to send over the stuff they need. As for working together if things ever get funded … well … they’ll deal with that then. 😉

  2. I haven’t seen the episode yet :(, but watched the promo for next weeks episode looks like it’s gonna be a good one for sara.

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