Review: Jorja on The Talk

Unlike back in April, this was not just Jorja, so the moments with her are fewer. She answered the same question she has a hundred times, is it true she didn’t think the show would last? Heck, I didn’t either! I thought she’d be back on The West Wing before sweeps. Boy were we wrong! The only ‘new’ question was about how they keep levity on the show when the content is so dark.

The Talk (23 Oct. 2013)Interesting moments: When Eric remarks the character of Greg was meant to be 30 and a former construction worker, and he nearly didn’t try out because he was not that old, Jorja jokes “He was underage.” Later when he couldn’t remember the type of faux-maggots they use on set, Jorja dead-panned “Maggot stand in.” Later, as Julie Chen explained the CSI: Can Make You Laugh game, Jorja verified that only one of the cast had to keep a straight face for the audience to win the prize, and called it a team sport. Of course, she was the first one out, at 11 seconds.

Jorja laughed quite a lot in the interviews, and was clearly paying attention to everyone and having a good time. It’s really apparent that they get along, and I felt that Ted was really a good influence on the set. He certainly makes it seem like they’re all friends, and knowing Jorja’s pretty much friends with anyone, the teasing all felt natural. That was nice to see, and I suspect the on-set atmosphere reflects this. To me, watching the show, it feels very natural, like everyone gets along the way they’re supposed to, nothing is forced.

Everyone enjoy!

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