Jorja Fox - Sheltered

“Sheltered” Discussion Post

Jorja Fox - Sheltered

“Sheltered” — When the CSIs find a body near a forest reserve, they discover what might be a serial killer and his bizarre lair, on CSI: CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION, Wednesday, April 3 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.  Ted Danson’s daughter, Kate Danson, guest stars as lawyer Jill McDermott.

Screencaps and a recap will be up tomorrow, per usual.

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    1. Forget the walls; what about racoons in the attic. You would think that a normal teenage girl would have rebelled a against living in a bunker and having minimal contact with the outside world a lot sooner than she did.

  1. Lili Illescas

    well,,it was not what I was expecting, I mean it was just a good episode, but NOT SO GOOD, TO ME. maybe you guys don’t agree with me. 😕

      1. Lili Illescas

        I know that, it just that for ME it was only good, not like others that although they were NOT Sara centric were very good, but I liked 🙂

  2. Some quick thoughts … overall, just a good episode. Darker than we’ve seen in a while (lighting wise) but overall it was pretty entertaining. A bit slow, a bit gooey at the end, but sometimes you need that. I do like Ted’s interrupting of the gooey monologue of the dad. 😉 Jorja’s scenes were good, tight, and I found myself NOT on ring-watch, which was good. (Though yes, she was wearing gloves in all but one of her scenes.) 😉

    But honestly, I’m just REALLY tired of the dead gay characters. I like the positive messages given by the show about how it’s okay to be yourself, blah blah, but the more I see the dead gay characters the more I just want them to write one into the show. I know the Bobby stuff, yes, but that never made it on air and now we don’t even have Bobby around. It’s a little thing, but the more I see the dead gay characters, the more I want a living one.

    Anyway, overall, not a bad ep. Definitely one I’ll come back to once I get the DVDs. It’s just good to have eps on a regular basis again.

    1. I thought the reasoning behind the death, homophobia, was a bit lame. They built up the suspense about maybe a serial killer, maybe a wacked out doomsday prepper, and in the end they went with homophobic dad kills son’s on the QT boyfriend. A better ending would have been that the girl did it when the boy rejected her and she was trying to frame daddy so that she could get free of him.

      1. I have to say that I agree with you 100%. I really thought the episode was kind of lame.

  3. They say that, Kate Danson’s lawyer character, could become a recurring character. There wasn’t enough air time last night for me to make a call on whether or not the lawyer would make a go antagonist. She was on for like 15 seconds and the extent of her interaction with the crew was to basically shut them out of searching the bunker.

  4. Honestly, I think the promo made it sound more exciting than it actually was, but it was ok. Reminded me a little of “Shooting stars” from season 6. And it’s probably the first episode this season that wasn’t “personal” for any of the guys, at last!
    Wish there was something to indicate Sara’s frame of mind.

    1. Gilandsara4ever

      I would love to know something about Sara’s state of mind! But unfortunately, I don’t think we will get anything til next season:/ if we do, I will be very surprised.

  5. That’s what… 10 years inside the bunker? This is like Rapunzel without all the hair!

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